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  1. Thank you so much for the info! How do you post pictures? I’d love to share what I’m trying to do.
  2. Awesome thread! Thank you for pointing that out. You did some great work there.
  3. jetattblue

    Floor Pan Repair

    I have '63 L320 that I'm starting to work on. Repairing rust holes in the floor pans is one of my very first tasks. First, am I correct that nobody sells replacement pans? I've searched but not seen anything. Second, assuming that I have to fabricate replacements, how do you add the ridges or channels that are in the pans? I believe these are for rigidity, but I'm not sure how to cleanly do that without some sort of press that I will not have access to. Finally, my truck's pans appear to be spot welded in. There is a thick edge around them that I am assuming indicates panel overlap. I appreciate any insight you could give me. I'll see if I can get a picture posted, too.
  4. That looks great! I wasn't sure about the crinkle paint on the dash when you first mentioned it, but it looks awesome installed. Very nice. By the way, I love that Japan Automobile Federation badge - super cool.
  5. Thank you. And, congratulations on getting married!
  6. Very nice. What wheels are on your truck? They look great.
  7. Thank you for posting that link. It looks great on your truck.
  8. I love that green! Did they spray the bedliner that color, or did they paint it after? It looks awesome.
  9. Time Left: 9 days and 9 hours

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    I have a '63 320 with the original E1 engine and 4-speed column shift. As you can probably tell, I'd like a floor shift. Please let me know if you have the E1 floor shift transmission and/or the transmission tunnel as I am ready to purchase them. Thank you.


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