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  1. jetattblue

    A Texas 320

    Quick question about rocker assemblies. As part of my engine tear down, I removed the rocker assembly last night and started cleaning it up. When I removed the pedestals and rockers from the shaft, I noticed that the rocker shaft was badly scored in many places. I'm going to inspect the rocker bushings today and see what kind of condition they are in. Assuming that I need to replace some of these parts: is there a replacement for the rocker shaft - perhaps one from an MGB? Also, where should I get the bushings for the rockers? Thank you.
  2. Thank you for the info on the transmission mounts. That's a fantastic idea! The rubber in my mounts is pretty much gone, so this is a fantastic solution.
  3. That looks fantastic! Good job. How did you get the transmission to connect to those circular mounts? The rubber in my original mounts is terrible, so I'd love to have a solution for that.
  4. Looks great! I like the headlights.
  5. jetattblue

    A Texas 320

    No problem at all. I think any 320 discussion is helpful!
  6. jetattblue

    A Texas 320

    I have now removed the cylinder head from the engine block. Here's an interesting find. As I removed the pushrods, I set them side by side on a rag as I wiped them off, and I noticed something. In the picture of them all lined up parallel, look at the 4th pushrod from the top. It has a slight bend. And, you can see in the closer up picture how it is worn where it bends out. Unfortunately, I failed to keep them in order, so I do not know what valve this corresponds to; but, I am guessing that a stuck valve caused this issue? There is lots of carbon buildup around all of the valves. Any other thoughts on what might cause this?
  7. jetattblue

    A Texas 320

    A Chinese finger trap very accurately described this process! I assembled it no less than four times before noticing that something wasn't working right or that I'd left something out. It was very frustrating, but rewarding in the end. Thank you, Steve! I'll grab a couple of extras. My next tasks are removing the transmission and fully disassembling the engine for clean up. One step at a time.
  8. jetattblue

    A Texas 320

    I finished my starter project this morning. My work included: abating rust and repainting the cylinder/canister; cleaning up the aluminum parts; cleaning all of the internals with contact cleaner because they were in good shape - just filthy; lightly greasing the shaft that the gear slides on; and, replacing the solenoid. Let me say, it was surprisingly difficult to get back together! There are lots of pieces that seem to all fit together at once. In other words, I ended up starting to put several pieces loosely together, then they all tightened together at once. They also need to follow a sequence or you have to start over. Honestly, it took me many tries, but my technique improved each time. I got frustrated with it last night, but I slept on it, and I finally assembled it this morning. I also bench tested it and it worked great! The starter is finished and ready to install when I get to that point.
  9. jetattblue

    A Texas 320

    I did! And, I really appreciate it. Once I get the engine cleaned up, I'll make sure everything looks good with it, then I'll be able to put them to good use.
  10. jetattblue

    A Texas 320

    Thank you! I intended to clean up the engine this week beginning with a power wash. But, I borrowed a power washer that has not been used in a very long time and, consequently, I spent most of the week getting it running. Long story short, gas had turned into lacquer and clogged lots of the little carb pieces. I finished cleaning it up just in time for a massive rain storm. With the rain outside, I started cleaning up a floor shift specific starter that I sourced from Ted Heaton. Although operational, I wanted to clean it up before ultimately installing it. As you can see, it was in need of a thorough cleaning and check through all of the connection points.
  11. jetattblue

    A Texas 320

    I totally agree! I only used a brass brush and simple green. I don't really use anything mechanical for stuff like this; it was all hand scrubbed.
  12. jetattblue

    A Texas 320

    My goal is to try to keep things moving - even when I do not have a ton of time. So, I pick out various smaller projects and try to tackle those. They end up being tasks that I can do without getting too involved, and that I can walk away from and come back to as time allows. One of these tasks was cleaning up and rebuilding the fuel pump. As you can see from the pictures it was pretty dirty, and the internals were completely blown. Despite moving the arm, it would not draw in or expel anything. After taking it apart and thoroughly cleaning it up, I sanded the mating surfaces to true them up, replaced the diaphragm and valves, and re-assembled it. It's working great now!
  13. jetattblue

    A Texas 320

    Great advice, all! I really appreciate it.
  14. jetattblue

    A Texas 320

    Yesterday, I removed the engine, and it was much easier than I thought - thankfully. I had previously removed the generator and manifolds; but, I still have the valve cover and plugs in place because I was hoping to clean it up before I start rebuilding it. Does anyone have any suggestions for degreasing and cleaning it without getting water into the manifolds? I was planning to tape them off, but I'd love to hear any additional suggestions.
  15. jetattblue

    A Texas 320

    I was lucky enough to get a few hours working on the truck this weekend. Mostly, I am still slowly disassembling various engine parts so that removing the whole engine will be easier. I have been very fortunate that - despite a small amount of rust - the bolts are coming out and the parts are coming off with no issues. This weekend, I removed the generator, starter, thermostat housing, and the wiring to these parts. Interestingly, there was no thermostat inside the housing. It was completely gone. My current goal is to get the engine removed, and lots of the parts in the engine bay; I would like to really clean up the engine bay and redo the wiring (which is a mess) and some of the hard lines running from the brake and clutch masters. Current pictures are below:
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