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    1971 Datsun Mini Camper / 00 Camry
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    Datsun 510's back in the day when i was a teenager I owned about 7 - 510's.
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  1. christ510

    David Pare' Rest In Peace.

  2. christ510

    David Pare' Rest In Peace.

  3. christ510

    All Datsun swapmeet car show at Pare Composites

    Omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they found a guy dead at the pare composites were we had the Datsun swap meet. http://www.kcra.com/news/30106324/detail.html
  4. christ510

    Hello ...... Retro Datsun521 mini Truck..............

    Thats f-n great you guys kickd ass on this project,gotta give you a A+ Love it......What do you think about my factory Rv.
  5. christ510

    1971 Datsun RV ~ 76k Mi's Original.

    Thank you very much.
  6. christ510

    1971 Datsun RV ~ 76k Mi's Original.

    Were did you dig up this word really, Polyorchidism ?
  7. christ510

    ford 4.0 L engine in a 521?

    Heck my 1971 Datsun Rv has just 76k orig mi's and still runs great!
  8. christ510

    Rare 1971 Datsun PL521 ~ HSCR

    Thank you, I just posted interior cab and engine bay pictures,The bucket seats are pretty cool they swivel outwards for easy in and out..
  9. christ510

    1971 Datsun RV ~ 76k Mi's Original.

    Just put the new Weber Carb on today and it runs great lots of power plus more torque,Interior pictures and engine pictures are in.
  10. christ510

    1971 Datsun RV ~ 76k Mi's Original.

    Thanks but ive got two right here and they work just fine! Thanks. Christ510@aol.com.
  11. Hello everyone im regrettably posting my Datsun Rv Forsale.if you have any questions please fell free to ask my email is christ510@aol.com. It runs and drives it holds a clean title and will need some tlc to be a daily driver. email me im only asking 2500 obo ~ Im located in Sacramento Ca and if anyone wants my phone number feel free to ask..
  12. christ510

    Rare 1971 Datsun PL521 ~ HSCR

    Thanks. This has the factory 1.6L and i have done 60mph on the freeway in sacramento. a lil scary with drum breaks i gotta admit that,I PLAN MY STOPS with a few pumps of the breaks so if you see me watch out dead weight coming through! Mannnn you should see the looks on peoples faces at the stop lights, its like as if they are saying am i believing what im seeing f-n amazing. i swear im gonna catch a few looks on camera soon just for kicks. at one point i want to put something like a 2.4L Nap z motor carburated and automatic tranny and disc breaks ofcorse. Canby it sounds like fun that would be great for sure,i miss all my old buddies from 510Again in oakland.
  13. christ510

    Rare 1971 Datsun PL521 ~ HSCR

    Haha i'll try and remember that one next time but while camping wouldnt it be easier to just jump in the lake. Thanks for the comment that was funny.

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