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  1. Boy I figured I'd hear some groans or chuckles about my baseball bat comment......:)
  2. Well. It took all day yesterday but I got it home. I dumped in 5 gal of clear premium and a new Walmart 890amp battery, filled up the float bowl and she hit and ran. I limped along 5 miles with a near flat tire to the nearest gas station filled up got air but spotted rt rear tire was about to blow apart(cords/cvasing ruptured). My F-10 must of came with the special spare tire delete option only offered on factory race cars......no spare underneath! Unfortunately no-one had a 13" tire in Prospect.....or in Shady cove. I was puckered every mile of the way especially when it tossed off part of the tire leaving Shady cove but miraculously the tire held together 40 miles to the nearest WalMart in Eagle point. . I just about blew my top dealing with the yahoos at Wal-Mart. I know they have liability concerns but they would only sell me 2 tires because 175-75 was bigger than 165-75-13.......I had to go searching thru their inventory after they said they didn't have any 13' tires. I found 5 in less than 5 min. I was about to buy two 4-lug $80 boat trailer wh/tires......odot be damned. So with 2 marginal at best tires on the front and 2 new on the rear I resumed my trek northbound. Car had a noticeable ex leak by the firewall but not bad. I jumped on I5 and was be-boppin' along @ 70 before I knew it. 80hp! Even on long hard decelleration not a puff out the pipe then I got back in it! The car wanted to go after 3 years of sitting! I forgot to bungee the door leaving the sevenfeathers truck stop......5 miles down the road I realized the door had latched...whooo whooo I didn't fall out! Now the trunk doesnt latch...lube it and it will close. I had to excercise self control keeping it below 75 with the may-pops up front.....really junk tires. Roseburg was in my mirror when the ex donut/gasket spit out a chunk and the ride became much noiserier. I powered on and after near 10 hours 350+(roundtrip) miles, I pulled into the drive @ 10:30 last night. I have to get phone charged and figure out the photo bucket thing to get more pics uploaded. I am getting a late start today but I'll keep ya-all posted. I'm grinning ear to ear.....I can't wait to get 100% roadworthy and see what she can really do!
  3. I have a couple.......where exactly I don't have a clue. If I spot em I'll let u know.
  4. Hey Banana head.....what's your plans for it? Wish I could of bought the 411wagon near portland posted on cl year or more back(posted for long time).....but a sedan would be killer too. Hate to see it get parted/hacked up. Not urgent but let me know if you may part with it & how many monetary units you want 4 it. I'm pretty sure it is out of gas and has a dead battery! LOL
  5. Many bad things have happened in my life since I was last active couple years back... 4 deaths( almost blind father is dead now...no more ridiculous administrator issues with too large of text in posts), eviction, Natzi-like city code enforcement, health problems, trucks/parts stolen, tools stolen, lost my 10y/o companion dog, lots more bad I won't mention. But.....I'm still the same old Harlow. I have been in hiding as act of pure survival. I haven't even been driving a Datsun for the past year++!! The 80 D-50(mitsubishi) I got on 420trade has been a stellar performer~~2.0/4speed 32+mpg in town! I drive everything like I stole it. If I wasn't a full fledged datsunwhacko I'd keep it around-can't say one bad thing about it. I have an absolutely wonderful new companion(4y/o now).....MOOO! She is truly my best friend/life line....irreplaceable! My datsun sickness has been in remission but it's back with a vengence. Tried to get the 78'510 wagon in hood river but someone beat me to it...bastard. CL ad expired but guy still had it....had $$ but sold day b4. I still want it & a 411 wagon but I did just score a bitchin' 78 F10 Sportswagon. It is not home yet....transport mon-tues. Might just drive it home if no glaring issues after fresh gas,battery,couple prayers. It's a solid low miles unadulterated original....thank god nobody ruined the patina with rattle-can primer or the worst.....baseball bat fender arch destruction attempting to cure improper wheel offset/width! Very glad nobody hung rearview mirrors on the perfect fenders. People do horrible things to Datsuns! I'm the 3rd owner....will b putting it thru it's paces very soon. Had an 82 sentra 2dsedan that I regretted selling.....F10 is front wh drive A14 4speed but still has the earlier 70's look. going to have to do some research to see what it takes to swap in later 5sp-ca18 or sentra diesel.....lightwt car should really fly with HP and suspension tweeks. Anybody in pacwest have parts/pcs info about the F10? If so send me a note. I'm often very slow responding to messages......I RARELY answer/talk on the phone(have impaired hearing-speech impediment). I am going to make it to Canby this year(Canby or Bust)....driving a bonafide Datsun. Had to hide riding in moms lexus suv last time! Hey Wayno! Like that flatbed on cl,still have my Luv fenders 4 dually 520. Denmarkboy!!....you still doing that Clay creek roundup? I STILL need my titles for the 520's. Where did u move to? Still sportin' the lil hooker? What color is it now? Rhino still in Glenwoood? That white 521 Al sold me still in your yard(twin of the canby truck)? I'm sure most of the local clan is probably active if I dig thru the forums and say HEY.....still see that red 510 off Centennial here in springfield(I always jab the throttle or honk when I drive by)-forget your name sorry. Draker(Craig!) probably still has the nice wagon.... I could ramble on but I've got to get my day started~~never enuf hours in the day no-matter how I slice it. Howdy again all you datsun freeks n' geeks. I dont feel quite so "whacko" with y-all around. I will try and start a post about the F10 asap. Forum topics exclude the F10~no pull tab in other datsuns like the d21.....sure just an oversight. Where should I post stuff about it? I'll bet ol' Dmike will chime in @ some point and point me in the 'accepted' direction. Will be nice hearing from/seeing you guys again.....sorry I was gone so long. :) H_____
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