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  1. Update. Had a refreshing nap. No worries about my poor sad F10 that will ride 100 on a towtruck when it should be gobbling up Audi's BMWs ugly tuner cars in the fast lane. All kidding aside I'm going to initiate the tow..... usually the get here in 45min or so. In a big metropolitan area I figured I'd get at least one taker for a icy cold Mt dew or chance to see my little Rocket Ship. No cannibis consumers either. What is this world coming to? Not a single taker on the free heckling either. Hummmpft....🤨I think blulake might of been this weekend.....I'd like to have gone. Once the 80hp hampster wheel under the hood gets ample supply of Chevron premium the F10 will resume the daunting task of waiting for everybody to get out of the way. Sometimes it takes vice grips to peel my eyelids back down after successful launch procedure. 😁
  2. Golden opportunity to view a nice Datsun F10 rocket ship and maybe help a fellow Datsun enthusiast. Short story... Out of gas behind Fred Meyer Tigard. Phone charger cord bank card at home 110 miles south. AAA+ will get me home worst case scenario....100 miles. But if any local Datsun lovers want an icy mountain dew, some good smoke if u want and see a good example of 1978 Datsun technology with hood up. If you bring some gas that be a bonus. I haven't had a chance to visit forum since before canby.....nothing but bad news. My a10 510 was hit run victim my best friend MOOO passed away last month. I'm at Petco up street now carrying my dogs ashes because my luck someone would steal it out of car before i got back. Nice employee let me charge phone for 5 min. My name is Harlow. I'm not desperate for help. Parked in safe spot. Don't ruin your Sunday dinner. If you could even drive by in a Datsun and heckle me and I'd feel better. I'm heading back to the car. I'll kill some time and might take a much needed break and maybe nap. AAA+ takes 45 min best case scenario anyway. Earlier today I was rolling along on 5 with a new BMW in front of me....80+ for miles. 😁😁
  3. I tried it, link worked. Sorry for some garbled background noise. Car is a bunch of fun.....been like 2 years since I had a driving Datsun. Good spin balance would help....I mounted the tires manually with cheapo harbor tire machine, couple long pry bars. Going to try pulling plug at bottom of carb and use compressed air in throat of carb to maybe blow chunk of crap back into float bowl.
  4. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Vjwuba9daw2AMPs29 Maybe it works....if not will follow draker's suggestion...thanks 😎
  5. https://help.flickr.com/en_us/share-or-embed-flickr-photos-or-albums-rJBx6mjyX
  6. poltergeist still lives....no park lights but headlights. Wait 5 min sometimes...30 min...sometimes open drivers door and whammo dash and park lights come on. No fuel gauge or temp....had temp gauge peg one time when I grounded sender lead. Not a flicker now. Gas full to within 15"" of cap. car never been smoked in...till NOW! Lighter works! First guy to use the ashtray.....closest thing to a new car ill ever have. Somehow or another I think a ground connection in dash or under hood the culprit. Need the good wiring diagram hard copy out of the factory service manual. Relay box behind drivers headlights on core support suspect as well.
  7. One like 20 miles away, 87 Pathfinder with 4cl,5speed. On cl Eugene for 700, guy seems eager to sell.Haven't seen under hood myself so who knows. Think I might of located a z22, which I prefer over carburated z24 but no exposure to an efi z24 to know if there is difference in performance. Had an 85 720 with a z24....298,000 miles. Head never off,didn't use oil. Was tired, had to flog it speed shift with load and trailer but it never missed a lick.
  8. So if I read above correctly...87 pathfinder would have z24 not ka?. Need long block for my 81 510.....might B able to get pathfinder cheap.
  9. I had planned on changing oil >200 miles just to purge possible moisture, etc. little under $2.00 qt...DEAL.I think ill be ok, still cool temps here for now. usually buy rotella diesel service oil unless delo or similar cheaper.....pretty sure they have more detergents to capture byproducts of combustion that go thru rings,valve guides etc. If a seal starts leaking it was most likely already failure prone. Check 4 loose bolts.good synthetics film strength is much higher, thus can have lower viscosity. This reduces cold start wear. less windage in crankcase, less carbon build up in combustion chambers too that causes pinging dieseling. I'm poor or I'd buy synthetics exclusively except for new motor break in and brake fluid. Can't fault the oil for a leak....doing a better job getting where it needs to go.When replacing gaskets grease one side with wheel bearing grease or Crisco. Sometimes brush on permatex or spray copper to hold in place. Always works 4 me,easily taken apart later.Only silicone on coolant, exhaust flanges. End up damaging gasket surface scraping off silicone later, bitch to get apart too. Sleeve really worn crank if a groove....will eat up a new seal faster if you dont. Good synthetics DO have equal or better lubricating properties but I change @ 3k or less, I can't afford $7 a qt. Significant fuel mpg increase 3-4mpg with redline MTL in 5 speed slush box, dad's Audi 4000s....he was anal about mileage record keeping. Hell, peanut oil 4 engine oil works just fine till goes rancid. Watch out for wild hungry elephants if they smell your tail pipe. 1/8 cup of veg oil will quiet noisy water pump if you dump in radiator....dawn to flush out later. Had one get so bad couldn't keep belt on because of wobbly bearing failure...still turned free. Had pump out and 2 bolts started on the new one when AAA got there. THE BAD NEWS.... Pretty sure I need a z long block...low oil pressure faint rod noise, itz hurt. 😢😖😟Anybody have one local for cheap? Have 520 to trade. Might even pay ya to install for a fee if you are game. Need car now. Gotta get F10 spiffy for canby. F10 really growing on me. Good rubber now,really makes it a blast to Zip around. Car has more spunk than I anticipated...poor MOOO dog needs 5pt harness for high speed roundabouts and blistering hairpins!
  10. New rear shocks came ups yesterday. Re-did throttle cable routing, turned bellcrank~now pulls from bottom towards valve cover, cleaner install less bends in cable housing. KA melling oil pump installed along with my distributor off the white truck. Fuel line burst between carb and mechanical fuel pump, fuel everywhere lickity split. Oil pressure better but fuel leak stopped my test run. Tightened up ex to manifold flange shoulda fixed put-a-put down by the steering box. Found sealing washer for clutch hyd line in driveway, yep drip drip explained. Fixed vac leak around pcv valve, loose valve cover,missing head to ex bolt. $2 a qt bargain Mobil1 5-20w,new wix oil filter, and ounce of some antiwear super lube we used when kart racing....developed by NASA can't get anymore. More pics later.
  11. I got it thanks. Video link did help. Fired up first bump with key. I rotated over without coils connected to dist with starter b4 I put fire to it. Dist swap too. Fuel line burst between pump and weber, geyser! Oil pressure improved but had to kill it because of the fuel fountain!
  12. 81 510 with z2.0. Low pressure on startup and when @ operating temp. Brand new ka pump, distributor moved after drive fell out. 👎No service manual on hand👎In a rush, probably should of read up on it before disassembly😔 How do establish cam/ignition timing and get pump to slip in place. 5/20 mobil one ok viscosity for pac/nw, rarely over 90degrees. Picked up the oil for $2 quart👍 Any way to prime pump without using starter motor~oil pump filled with oil prior to installation. Thanks in advance.
  13. Yes....the 3.8 z22 combo in the white truck would flat boogie. Shit you not....with 85mph peg pulled on Speedo~could put needle on the H(MPH) coming out of 4th gear. Something inside Speedo prevents it from letting needle travel farther. That's why I was itchin' to slide it in the 510. Might be more plausible to just cut off attachments on stock housing and weld back on a 720 housing. Rather spend that money on a plasma cutter to make job easier. For now ill just make do....my 79 210 hatch with a14 auto was a total slug, but it was reliable.
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