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  1. 1 hour ago, Crashtd420 said:

    It's really not that bad.....

    Cant be making it easy for a thief to steal....

    The couple times I've had a mechanic drive it I only turn the master switch off and on .... the rest stay on... only if i leave the truck parked some where do i shut all the switches down and turn the battery disconnect off....

    All I read was 


    Excited to see what you do next!

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  2. 1 hour ago, TJ H said:

    The stop and turn sections are OK but reverse is spider webbed and brittle like the ones you have. A new back would suck. Would be nice to know someone with a 3D printer and some free time. 

    as you can see - this is what the entire back section is doing, lip and all so I'm in the same boat





    11 hours ago, datzenmike said:

    On holidays I carry an orange traffic cone that's visible through the rear hatch window. A third brake light is a great idea but haven't found anything that doesn't look retarted or block rear view. Thought of a truck one that mounts on the back of the roof (I have a wagon) but all are shaped wrong. 


    PS: this is how thick the 12" diode dynamics led light is:


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  3. Yeah, the housing on my green truck were bad (not that bad) and replaced with a kit but as far gone as those are you will be better off making a new one or picking up one that you can work with. 

    The more recent set I picked up with the interior plastic is so brittle that if you touch it with your finger it instantly turns to dust - which looks to be the state yours are in so I planned on making a set of led tail lights and just keep the stock lenses & factory mounting bracket while redoing the back completely. 

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  4. This is the kit i got to stick between the rubber seal and the rear window like the Z guys do (12" 😉 )



    video of how it sits in the seal betwetween the glass: 





    25 minutes ago, TJ H said:

    Taillight question. How come all the replacement taillights are white/red/orange and not red/white? Are they generic? For 620’s? These appear to be correct for a 521 but the reverse light socket is rotted out. 


    The majority of the tail light replacements you see on eBay are the 3 color that include amber. They are generic replacement and not only are they too small, but they are made of beer cans. No joke. Unless you have some custom tails made like mrbigtanker's "euro" tail lights, you'll be looking for the full red lenses like you currently have. 

    There is this guy that is currently doing his own refab lenses: 

    However that's kidna steep for non OEM as I got a full set of tails and housing for $200 so unless you're dying for some new lenses you may want to hold off. 

    As far as the back of your sockets being rotted out, that's suuuuuuuuuper common for 521s.


    That's how the 2nd set of tails I got for $200 are, and the set that are currently on my green 521 have been fixed prior to me owning it using aftermarket rear plastic clips ( I can take a picture) ,

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  5. Have you thought about hooking up a 3rd brake light for these little guys?


    13 hours ago, datzenmike said:


    Get old engine that burns oil. The smoke will keep them back.


    Hook up an extra windshield squirter to spray oil into manifold or something 😄


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