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  1. 2 hours ago, chukar said:

    Check out Tractor Supply's coal slag blasting abrasive.  I've used it before and had good luck plus it is about $9 for a 50lb bag.  There is a Tractor Supply in Arlington and Monroe.

    Thanks for the heads up! Looks like there is one down in my area too. I'll swing by there this week and pick up like 3-4 bags to start cycling though that and that will still be cheaper that a single box from Harbor Freight. 

    This ended up being about 20lbs though the setup. The Harbor freight sand blaster is only rated for 60lbs of pressure in the can itself with 30lpbs max capacity of material. The compressor setup I have going kept her right around 50-55lbs under full stream sanding. That ended up lasing about 12 minutes before it ran out of the aluminum oxide stuff I'm running currently.  That resulted in this:


    (she got primered with some etching weld though steel-it for now)

    Just the top side of the rail done and still needs a little going back and work. I figure I can reclaim at least 50% of the blast media each time I spray as long as I don't go full spastic with it.

    Going to pick up a better sifter than what I have now this week and going to finish scraping the rest of the frame down with full prep and then I will pull off the spare and rear wheels / cover the stock h stuff and sit down to a full day of blasting the rear frame and spray primer it. Then I will put the wheels back on the back and see if my bro can come over and help me lift the cab onto the back of the frame and get to working on the front. 

  2. PPE arrived this week with a full face mask, and some new welding gloves. Everything taped up in the engine bay


    did a test spot on the frame and it looks like it should be good to pick away at this for a while when it's not 100º in the tent


    Anyone have any recommendations for spray on weld though primer?

  3. 3 hours ago, powderfinger said:


    Pretty sure he is saying that there is a good chance your compressor may not be big enough. Need high CFM for blasting. The other thing is I doubt that compressor is rated for 100% duty cycle and it will probably run continuously while blasting like Charlie69's 5HP compressor.

    The one I got was rated for 150PSI / 9CFM / and house painting & airtool use so it should be able to do "OK" with running for longer periods in time though it's not going to do as well as Chucks or a larger setup. If it sucks then I can still use my Bros 30gal on wheels or worst case take the truck and  blaster over to his place and use his 80gal when he wants to use it on the Dodge split window. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, mainer311 said:

    Got a little bit of the carpet done. I’ve attempted a lot of things in life and installing carpet won’t be something that I do again. It looks pretty good, but it’s a messy, smelly pain in the A.



    super jealous of how good that interiors comin together. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Charlie69 said:

    I have the same sand blaster and I run it on my 5hp 80 gallon compressor. it runs continuously while sandblasting.

    Awesome. I have less capacity for stored air but it's good to know that this setup should handle the demand without stressing.

    49 minutes ago, Crashtd420 said:

    I hate to even ask this because it just brings up a bad experience but how long does 50lbs last with that setup?

    Reason I ask is I need my truck bed sandblasted.... I'd rather do it myself but my experience with a blast pot like that let's just say didnt go so well... rental not something i bought.....

    I was going have it done by a dustless blast company but I have a bunch of left over media that I would rather use up if I could..... 

    I'm not quite sure but I can answer that for you once it's not 100º and I get my PPE in. This setup is a 20lb pot so I should be able to bplast a good bit before having to do the recycle process. I considered having one of those awesome glass sandblaster dudes come out and get it done with the qucikness, but I have some rims I want to sandblast with walnut shells to finish the work on them, Bro wants to use this on the truck he is putting back together above, and I've already had a couple friends reach out wanting me to do their rims / various other parts so I figured it would be worth the investment to "break even" and walk away with a new tool that we can use so I went and bought. 

    I would look into local companies that offer blast media for sale because this little test box was $45 for 50lbs which is just STUPID - but when no one else is open due to COVID...

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  6. Picked up and put a sandblaster + aluminum oxide sand blasting media on Friday & picked up a used 150psi 15 gal compressor that's rated to be able to run off of 110 and can keep up with demand today. Need to tighten the sand blaster shit, get a full face mask PPE, and a new pair of welding gloves and I will get to work.


    Going to probably pick up another 50lbs box or two of sand blasting media, but I'm going to try laying down a tarp and catching a good deal of it and sifting / reusing it before I pick extra up. 

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