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  1. Im on disc all four wheels. What master cylinder you ran, to not need the proportional valve?
  2. Im running a 1970's 280z master cylinder. I cant recall the year, but according to beebani instructions any year works.
  3. Hi guys, Im the original person that started this thread. So im having issues with my disc brake set up and was wondering if somebody has an idea of what im doing wrong. So i went with the beebani kit and got all the other parts from my local o'reillys. I originally bought the wilwood proportional valve p#: 260-11179. So everything at first work great, but a couple months later, the rear wheels start to lock up. So i check and found everything okay. So i decided to replace the proportional valve with a different one and see if it would make a difference
  4. Is anybody running a brake booster, i did the disc brake conversion already. I did the beebani kit front and rear. A regular booster wont work, it will need some kind of extension as the clutch slave cylinder will get in the way. Looking for something similar to this setup in this link: Anybody got parts numbers or car year makes and models that would work. Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you, Fredy
  5. Its heal now, so it wont show much. But my surgery was for my fistula, it got redone as it was having cleaning issues. If you don't know what a fistula is, its basically a vein and artery connected together so it can be access (via needles) to run on dialysis machine. Nice truck though!
  6. Hey guys, So i think im going with beebani kit. Found his kit on ebay: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Front-REAR-BRAKE-CONVERSION-FOR-DATSUN-PICKUP-/192794685783?oid=192756005281 One thing with his kit can i still retain the ebrake, its kind of a must. I live in a hill and dont want my truck to go rolling away. Thanks for the input. Fredy.
  7. LOL, naa, i get it. Its the same at the S10, GMT400 and Supra forums(where i dwell usually). I can take the heat, but didn't know where to start on my 521, now I'm here. Let the dipshitery begin!!
  8. Nope still here, just came off surgery Friday, been recouping. I'm going to read the whole thread didn't expect to get two pages of info. Thank for your kindness!
  9. Nope still here, just came off surgery Friday, been recouping. I'm going to read the whole thread didn't expect to get two pages of info.
  10. Hello, So i have a 71 521 truck that i want to covert to disc brakes on front and rear. I been searching a bit for recommendation on disc brake conversion, all i find is expensive kits. Anybody out there has info on stock options from newer Nissan trucks. I don't mind going to bigger wheel. Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you. FYI, im new to Datsun/Nissan so please don't flame me.
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