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  1. That definitely looks very interesting!! To fit the Datsun cab onto the Toyota frame probably will take a bit of fab work, but it will look and run good when finished.
  2. I kinda wondered about this. Loved the area, but didn't like the job opportunities. I had a 69 Camaro at the time. Took it places I never should have. Wish now that I would have had something more in tune with the rough terrain. Lots of logging roads, and other types of terrain found there. Don.
  3. It's not in the desert. The desert is about a hundred miles to the east, east of the Cascade Mountains. The town is along both sides of the Rogue River. There are hills (mountains to those of you who live in flat country) all around, except to the west/northwest. The little bumps to the west/northwest are just that, little bumps, not hills. I lived there for about two years in the early seventies. Don
  4. IF (the little word with the BIG meaning), if the seals in the transmission, diff, or ? are new a synthetic oil probably won't be any problem. But, if all the seals in the transmission, diff, or ? are not new, then the synthetic oil will most likely leak. Don
  5. Thanks for the heads up. I did find all four of the videos. Just to let you know, I definitely enjoy your videos and the tech involved in them, all of them. Don
  6. I do not have an IG account, and I was able to access this video. I'm assuming this was only a very short video. Don
  7. I haven't taken the transmission apart to do any measuring, but from what DM said, and what I could find, I will need a 56mm bearing. The gaskets would probably fit, but that bearing won't. So, unless you know somebody that can use a large bearing I will have to pass. Don
  8. DM is correct. What I have found is the same as he stated. So, I will need a 56mm bearing for the countershaft. I don't need any bearings right away, but because of the time the transmission set without use I'm planning on replacing them sometime after getting them into use. Don
  9. This was just a back up, so if the larger bearing wasn't until 85 or later then this bearing won't fit. The transmission I have is an 81. Haven't had time to do any checking yet, planning to do so this evening. Too many irons in the fire for this afternoon. Donj
  10. Will these work for a 5sp on an SD-22 diesel? I think they will, but haven't done any checking yet. If they will work you can consider them sold. I'm only about 25 miles away from OSU (wife worked there for many years). We can continue this by PM to keep this forum uncluttered. Don
  11. 620slodat


    I have used the starter before, on a Toyota FJ40 with a straight 6. If my memory serves me correct the bolt was on with somewhere around 150 ft/lbs of torque. This works real good. You need to position the socket and long breaker bar so that it is almost on the frame, and make sure the socket is on securely. With just barely a bump on the key/starter the bolt will come loose. EVERYBODY needs to be out of the way first before bumping the starter though as there is a lot of energy in this method. Don
  12. I have another wheel to get the horn buttons/plate off of in order to remove the wheel. I think it is for a 1985 4X4. It is similar to the wheel i started this thread about In that there are no screws on the back of the spokes. The horn button is the non-round item in the center of the wheel, and is on springs which allow it to move. The silver part appears to be fastened solid to the main part of the wheel. I tried pulling, pushing and twisting, pulling and twisting, and maybe something else that I don't remember right now. I can just barely see two bolt heads at the top area between the horn
  13. I think you are trying to make me feel old. Wait, I think I may be considered old by some standards. I grew up with them. They are good filters......as long as you don't go through rough terrain. Don
  14. 620slodat

    no 12 volt power

    I'm not very well versed on Datsun 620 wiring. But, I recently got a 1979 Datsun 620. This pickup, if the wiring is stock and untouched, has a fusible link at the battery positive terminal, maybe more than one. This link protects the 12V power going into the cab. Do you have 12V power at the always on portion of the fuse block? Always on means it will power the headlights, and a few other items, without the key needing to be on. If you don't have headlights check the fusible link and make sure 12V is going through it. Headlights not working can be other problems also, but check the fusible li
  15. Must be the deluxe wheel because the wheel I'm used to for a 1973 620, and all the subsequent years that I have seen, have been just two spokes. Also, I tried what DM said to try, and it didn't work for me. I have a cheapy steering wheel puller that I dug out. But, with all the bolts I could find I was unable to find an M8 x 1.25 thread that was long enough to fit the wheel puller that I have. Tomorrow is seniors day (10% off on most all items at Coastal Farm) and I will get some bolts the right size and thread there. By the way, if you live close to a Coastal Farm store they have
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