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  1. I can understand where you are coming from Wayno. I have read too many bad reports about aftermarket fans that have gone bad.Sometimes it is the fan, and sometimes it has been because of the wiring components/way they were installed (questionable components). Because of these kind of reports I have decided that if I go to an electric fan it will be a stock electric fan (better quality). The car companies put much more effort into making sure that the quality in the fan, and the wiring/switches are the best because their warranty and reputation around the world is on the line. It's not just amazon pushing the sales, it's the reputation of the auto manufacturer. Do the auto manufacturers make mistakes? Sure, but they stand behind the products better. Don
  2. Use a stock Nissan fan as stock fans seem to hold up better than aftermarket fans from everything I've read. A 2000-2001 Sentra fan seems to be about the best size for a stock SD-22 radiator, it has two fans (a five blade fan and seven blade fan) and it appears to have four speeds available. The big questions are, did I try the correct wire combinations for the fan, and how best to fit the fan to the SD-22 radiator as I have yet to do that part. The biggest problem that I have yet to get an answer for is that the upper right fan mount and the coolant return to the upper right tank of the stock SD-22 radiator occupy the same place. A possible solution that I am currently looking for information on is a radiator for 2000-2001 Nissan Sentra along with the cooling fan. The fan and radiator would work together correctly, but would the Sentra radiator be adequate to cool the SD-22. Also, I don't have any answers yet about mounting the Sentra radiator. The Sentra radiator (aluminum) is thinner than the stock SD-22 radiator which leaves more space for an AC condenser, but does thinner work with the SD-22. Don
  3. 620slodat

    my 1974 dats

    Thank you for the reply. So you are somewhere between the community college and the end of the four lanes. Beautiful area. When I first moved there I was used to the open spaces of the Willamette Valley and didn't like the area, but it didn't take really long for it to grow on me. Good thing I didn't have the Datsun pickup at that time, I probably would have spent all my extra money, and then some more, on driving the area to get to know it (including the logging roads). Fuel mileage is why I am now SLOWLY building up the 1973 with a diesel motor, hoping to be able to afford spending a little more time on the roads in the state. Don
  4. G-Duax got some real good pics of the 1973 idler arm and the clearances to the lower control arm. Plenty of space between the lower control arm and the idler arm, somewhere around an inch. Isomswim, how much space do you have between the idler arm and the lower control arm? How long is your idler arm? What is the length of the movable part of the idler arm from the collar up next to the pivot? From that same collar, what is the distance to the lower control arm? Can you get pics of where you measured from? Don
  5. I have a 1973 620, and the orientation of your idler arm looks like what I remember for the 1973. I currently have the tie rod and idler arm off so I can't do a direct comparison. Don
  6. 620slodat

    my 1974 dats

    I just looked up the gauge install pics (pg 3, 14th post from the top, I don't have post numbers visible on my page on my computer). Thank you Farmer! Very good information there. Looks very easy. Does the 4th pic show the difference in reflection between the domed glass lens on the tach and the flat plastic lens on the speedometer? I am partial to glass as it won't scratch as easy as plastic, but there is a difference in reflectivity there. Maybe Frank will chime in and comment on the gauges. Also, the gas tank level sender was listed as 90-0 ohms which is good information. By the way (slight turn away from the subject), where at in GP are you located? I spent 2 years there from the summer of 1971 to the summer of 1973. For the first few months I lived in town, then I moved out to Murphy. At the time Josephine County was one of the poorest/lowest wage counties in the state. Since then the town has changed and grown a lot.
  7. Welcome!! I find your project fascinating. I have a 1973 620 that my Dad bought brand new, and since he is now gone I plan to put a diesel in it. I had a 1982 Datsun 720 diesel King Cab frame given to me. So far I have found that a 620 King Cab (and most likely the standard cab) will fit on the 720 King Cab frame with a perfect match for the body to frame bolts. I haven't got far enough to try the 620 bed on the 720 frame, but my measurements say that it will fit directly mount bolt for mount bolt. The biggest difference so far I've found is that the 620 steering box and the idler arm are on the inside of the frame, while the 720 steering box and idler arm are on the outside of the frame. This is a plus if you plan to add things to the side of the motor (A.C., power steering, etc), which I plan to do. The fact that the steering box and idler arms are mounted different means that the 720 and 620 front suspensions are different (king pins for the 1977 and earlier 620, and ball joints for the 1978 and later 620 and all the 720's).The fact that you have a King Cab means that you might have disc brakes. Don
  8. 620slodat

    my 1974 dats

    Thank you for the quick reply. That sounds like what i was hoping for. From the pictures I've seen it did appear that the Speedhut gauges had a screw on ring on the back, and it is good to know that the back of the Datsun bezel fits the gauges good. If it isn't very difficult for you pics of the back of the bezel with the gauges in place would be good. The wiring for the gauges shouldn't be very difficult. I'm not a wiring wizard, but if I have the time to build a mental picture first then wiring won't be real hard (I'm very vizually oriented). My 1994 Chevy pickup didn't have the wiring for power mirrors, and I added the wiring as close to original GM as possible (involved removing the dash). Don
  9. 620slodat

    my 1974 dats

    I like the speedhut gauges and the way they look. Do you have detailed pics of what you did to install them? It probably won't happen right away, but doing that gauge conversion is something I have been thinking about for a bit now. Don
  10. Wayno, I don't have the fans in front of me, and in my mind I couldn't picture the whole thing. But, if the fan on the left was flipped over would it work on the SD22. You just posted as I was pecking (two finger typing) out my question. You answered my question before I even got to ask you, which was exactly what you posted. Thank you for answering my question. You are a wizard. Don
  11. 620slodat

    620 on a 720 frame??

    Just to add to the fact that 620 cabs will fit on 720 frames, I currently have a 620 KC cab setting on a 720 KC frame. Although not bolted down, the 6 bolts for the cab to frame are setting in the holes in the 620 KC cab and centered in the holes in the 720 KC frame, and the front wheel appears to be real close to centered in the front wheel opening. The big thing with this swap is that the front suspension has the steering gear box and the idler arm outside the frame allowing more room for add-ons to the motor. Also, disc brakes and ball joints are stock.
  12. I am interested in details on this as I want information/costs, etc. I might want to change to a tunnel mount to get the cable away from going through the firewall. Currently the cable angles down through the firewall and almost directly into the exhaust manifold on the SD-22 diesel motor. Too close, it will probably cause major problems with the e-brake cable because of the heat from the exhaust. A different angle for the cable going through the firewall (maybe the 720 series?) has been mentioned also. Can't make a proper decision without good information.
  13. Neat! An old friend has come home.
  14. The squeak (problem #1) could also be the contact point for the horn button. I don't know for sure just how the horn contact in the Nissan/Datsun is, but I have seen this in other older makes of vehicles. They have a spring loaded brass button that slides on a brass "washer" as the steering wheel is turned that has a potential for squeaking. If you look at other areas and don't find anything that could possibly cause the squeak then pull the steering wheel and investigate this area.
  15. 620slodat

    How to remove a bed?

    Knowing this information is real good. Fortunately I have a cutting torch just a few feet away if needed, or a side grinder available close by also. I plan to get the gas tank out of there anyway, so I will need to do that first.
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