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  1. You were wondering about transmission oil. I plan to use "AC Delco Synchromesh Transmission Fluid - Friction Modified" GM USA part #10953509 (very slowly building a diesel Datsun 620 pickup). This number is from 2013 so it could have changed by now. Supposed to be a synthetic that will make your transmission shift much better, and should also work for cold weather. This is something I found somewhere else, then found this info is also good for Datsun/Nissan transmissions as it is GL-4 rated. Also, Datsunmike has used it and can give first hand experience with it. Do you think that you might possibly at any time go through water up deeper than your stock vent on your rear axle? If so, look into putting a longer vent hose clear up high into your motor compartment and put some kind of filter on it. The same thing could be done to other vents for the transfer case, front differential, etc. and tied into the same vent hose used by your rear differential. Don
  2. First, I'm not a brake expert. In the last pic the pad on the caliper piston is definitely more worn than the other pad. I think this is because the caliper pad is dragging more than the other. Check, clean, or replace the pins that go between the pads. If the pin is not clean and free from rust/corrosion/debris the pads can't equally apply pressure when the brakes are applied. Don
  3. This is good because it shows the difference in the amount of light at the headlight. Now, do you have any pics that show the difference out a ways down the road? Also, what brand are these LED's, and where did you get them?: Don
  4. It's a King Cab? What kind of shape is the cab in? What about the rear window and quarter windows? I have a 1977 King Cab without rear or quarter windows and am needing them. If the cab is good enough I might get it and not use the cab that I currently have since it has multiple holes rusted into the floor. Can you give me the name and address of the wrecking yard? Don ps- I just googled Portland Pick and Pull and came up with an address, but I need to make sure what I found is the same place you are talking about since I'm from about 70 miles south.
  5. Looks like a real good base for an easy project. Mmmm, cassettes. I lived through the 8 tracks and went into the cassettes, and now too old for the new fads in music. Don
  6. If I'm understanding your topic correctly you are planning on pulling an SD25 out of the 1985 2wd and replacing that motor with Z24 from a 1984 4wd. The wiring is slightly different between the diesel motor and the gas motor although I am not experienced with the wiring differences, but Wayno on this site is. From experience I know that the motor mounts are not in the same location. The diesel motor mounts in the 85 will be about 1 1/2 inches (guessing) too far forward for the gas motor. The motor mounts (same configuration for the diesel and gasser) for the diesel will have to either be moved back, or an adapter plate made allowing the gas motor to be placed on the diesel mounts. I was in the process of putting an SD22 into a 1973 620 pickup when Wayno gave me a 1982 720 diesel frame. What I found was that the 1973 cab was a perfect fit (body mounts) onto the 1982 diesel frame. With less work it may be possible to remove the 4wd suspension, the transfer case and and the front driveshaft from the 1984, put the 2wd suspension and driveshaft under the 4wd and never touch the motor mounts or the wiring and end up with what you want. I don't know what you ultimately want to end up with (2wd with a gasser motor?) or your abilities, but thinking out of the box could possibly require less work and money on your part. Don
  7. 620slodat

    620 Windshield

    Thank you! I had never heard of any differences, and your reply confirmed what I suspicioned. Don
  8. 620slodat

    620 Windshield

    Slight hack here, are the windshields the same for Standard or King Cab? The rear windows are different between Standard and King Cab, so I was wondering if there was any difference for windshields. Don
  9. The 4 cylinder (4BT I think) is just as tall as the 6 cylinder used in the Dodge pickup, just shorter. It's TALL, way too tall for a Datsun pickup. Don
  10. 620slodat

    Engaging 4WD High

    I don't know about the T-100 transfer case. But with other 4wd pickup transfer cases the change from 2wd to 4wd did not involve any change in gear ratio's until you went into low axle, instead just adding the extra drive axle. The gear ratio did not change. I've had two different Chevy 4wd pickups and one Ford 4wd pickup. They were all the same, Ford, Chevy, GMC, International, Dodge and through all other years also. Don
  11. Good info Wayno. Don
  12. With that compression you should try a SD22 diesel starter. But, I don't know if you can find one on the shelf, or if it will fit since the starter is on the opposite side of the motor. Since it is made stronger for the high compression diesel it would be worth checking out to see if it will fit. Don
  13. I like your idea. I personally don't have a use for these items as I am in the process of putting an SD22 diesel motor onto a 1982 diesel frame, and putting a 1973 620 body onto the frame/motor. Again, I honor your idea. Don
  14. Although you didn't have the information I was hoping for, I thank you for the reply and doing what you could. If you can get some information from the correct parties it would be very much appreciated. If they are not able to for whatever reason, thanks for trying. Don
  15. Do you have pictures of how the radiator was cut into the core support to produce this kind of look? Pictures of the process of cutting the core support, the panel in front, and how you rolled the sheet metal are what I am interested in. I very well might have to do this same thing to put a larger radiator into my 1973 620. I have modified the core support some already, but may have to do similar and want the modification to look real good like yours does. Don
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