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  1. The other day after messing with the interior light it would come on with the passenger door open but not the driver door. But the door dinger work. Thinking something maybe going on with the driver side door switch. Kinda making sense
  2. Once was while making a right hand turn into my work parking lot. Was just me no passenger. And again one the way home from the gym with a passenger but we both where seat belts pressed the beakes kinda hard. Sounds just like the door chime when the keys in the ignition but much faster ding. New to the page but I’ll see if I can upload a short video of it. Had the truck for a few months recently got it road worthy and have driven it about 850 miles so far. Thanks Mike
  3. New to the page but have found lots of helpful info. ‘84 720 king cab 2wd noticed today when I brake hard and also if I turn to the right quickly I get a chime from the dash. Sounds like the door chime but is a lot faster tone and is momentarily . No warning lights are on while the chime sounds. Has anyone experienced this? I’ll shoot a video in the morning. Thanks
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