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  1. Hi I need the right carb ( not the Weber) for a 77’ B210 automatic wait I’ll take any carb that works thank you for any help u have mike i cant even find a hitachi carb !
  2. Sorry to be a noob is there a link or a part number for the hitachi carburetor ? Thanks alot
  3. No hitachi carb carb # 16010 is the one that comes up that fits 77 b210 Just trying to get some starter info the carb is not the right one im quessing
  4. Carb related question: oem# 16010 carb is a tight fit where throttle body hits manifold if I reverse it it works not right carb? I don’t want the Weber 32/36 yet figured id put this on first to drive it first any other suggestions for carburetor? thanks
  5. Yes i was so happy when I found this car and then I was so sad when found out it was automatic! its the first one I’ve seen in person since I was 16 so I had no choice lol i remember the feel of the blue “ leather” sleeve over the shifter and the blue shifter knob and the 4 ft of play you had in the gear box while in gear lmao maybe that was just mine talk soon
  6. One more what was the sticker price on the b210s around 76,77?
  7. Cool that I didn’t know so what does datsun mean to you ? In a sentence or 2 thanks much appreciated sorry if I’m doing noob things is there a way for me to look up members or cars by location? im in Ny so maybe see who’s around tristate? Or just shut up and keep reading? Lol
  8. Hey scraped some of the paint 8/76....... tell me more titled as a 77 let me know thanks
  9. It’s covered in red paint at the moment I’ll take it off tommorrow and let you know
  10. https://ibb.co/kBGsNYh https://ibb.co/wrWBGhs https://ibb.co/7C56Vpt
  11. https://ibb.co/zbsvVQh https://ibb.co/hYKYvf6
  12. https://ibb.co/z7hkH78 https://ibb.co/RpRC4h6 https://ibb.co/8Dnvrd2
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