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  1. Nice score! Maybe you will wind up with some surplus parts to share with others at a reasonable cost. I have a small laundry list i've been keeping an eye out for replacing many non-Datsun part substitutes and missing stuff on my own PL310, including: E1 engine fan blade, generator and voltage regulator, starter solenoid (the type mounted on the inner splash shield), rear bumper filler (my PL310 is missing the flat horizontal sheet metal between the body and bumper, see pic below), a couple of stock wheels and a factory radio (working or not). My Bluebird rust repairs are still in work. Just finished the RHS floor installation last week and welded the outer sill onto the body last night. The only big repair left to do is weld the A-post assembly onto the body.
  2. Thanks for the mention of my project! Speaking from PL310 experience, it's a long haul project. Got any questions, give me a holler. I check into this forum about once a week.
  3. How I might share my copy of the Nissan FSM for the "60 Bluebird PL310 (208 pages) plus the Nissan FSM supplement (30 pages) which covers the changed mechanical specs that goes with the mid-'61 and later years through '64 with the 60hp engine and drivetrain upgrades? I'm past 60 years old and fear this valuable ref info is likely to wind up in landfill after I'm gone. I asked for and received a free xerox copy back about 76 or 77 from Nissan USA in Socal before they relocated and probably threw most of this old stuff away. Just thought I'd see if it's worth preserving in electronic pdf format somewhere on the forum. I would have to take my paper copy into a print shop and get it pro scanned at my expense. No cost to others. Any ideas or interest? If so then where would I save the scanned pdf copy? How do I insert a photo of some sample pages? (drag and drop is not working in this initial post)
  4. @twistedimages I've got one of these cars and live in the pacific northwest. I've owned my Bluebird 45 years! It is an older version '60/'61 1200 Bluebird PL310. A massive project regards rust repair that I've been doing for the last couple of years. Tons of metal work. My left side floorpan and rocker (posts, sill inner and outer) repairs are complete and I'm now working on the right side. No new or reproduction sheet metal repair panels are available of course and it's been a somewhat time consuming and skill building job to make everything from flat sheet stock. I've reused almost nothing of the original metal - too badly rotted and gone. When you get around to working your PL312 rust repairs send me a message if you have any detail questions about the task specific to the Bluebird construction (or deconstruction). I started posting a project build thread on the old school NZ site to describe my PL310 if you're interested. PL310 Bluebird build on old school NZ: https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/60267-marts-pl310-61-datsun-bluebird-sedan/
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