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  1. I just need the exhaust my friend. And the stub that fits in the end if you have it.....mines pretty rusty and doesn't fit well. Thanks for your help!
  2. Love that glove box hold down! ? Good luck with your find....it's got good patina.
  3. Hey Chopper......what are the chances of getting that manifold from you? I just changed the exhaust on mine and the collector bolts were heli-coiled and buggered up. I'd like to get a good replacement!
  4. Yeah, I'm aware of the knockoffs..... I saw Pierce Manifolds.....I'll just go with them. Thanks!
  5. Who's got the best deal on these bad boys? Thanks!!
  6. I think mine is aftermarket......doesn't rattle a bit.
  7. ...........................................................................................
  8. Hahahaha, now you're just being lame G-Douche! "Oh, look at me, I've got so many more posts than you do" pathetic...... But you go on and keep feeling like you're the superior Datsun forum master with 1333 posts, if it makes you feel better. Still dodging the wrong part # link......why is that? How about you go edit it and make it right, so as not to look like the stupid asshole that you are.......oh wait....too late.
  9. Gee, good one......great imagination! You still can't own up to your lame ass link to the wrong part! You are, and always will be "Largest Asshole in the Forum" and you're suggestion is worthless...... And it's "you're" welcome.....felcher boy.
  10. Thank you for the offer Charlie, but I've sourced one from ebay.
  11. It wasn't forced douchbag......did you comprehend the topic?? Where it says "I messed up"? Oh, I'm sure you've never rounded off a nut, stripped a screw or broken a bolt off??? You still have not explained the wrong part you linked to.....hahahaha How about you take your high and mighty self, paint a "Happy Tree" then hang yourself from it.
  12. Yes, that is how it runs, now that you mention it.
  13. Oh, one good benefit I got. That thin metal cover over the exhaust manifold, that was only being held on by one bolt....Well, I was able to yank it off, so no more buzzing/rattle, lol.
  14. Hmm, I may have more issues than I thought then......lol. I could swear that that small hose goes to a line that eventually went to the heater.....I don't have electricity to my shop yet so I can't be sure. I'll check tomorrow...
  15. At least you got that part right...... Nothing was forced idiot.
  16. All of the outlets are being used by something......the lower hose, the one with the hose still on, goes to the heater. The broken one is the temp sensor hole. and the top is of course the upper radiator hose.
  17. So...... I had the sensor that was determined by the parts store for my vehicle. It was EXACTLY the same length and diameter. The only thing different was the o-ring. Moral of the story.....there's good replies to threads, and then there are the assholes that don't even mention the fact that they gave you a link to the wrong fucking part. Take the time to reference correctly...... ?
  18. Yeah, the thread back in didn't work, because the sensor was already bottoming out before the threads caught.....nice thought though. I'm going to wait for the ebay sensor from Australia,lol. I tried buying that sensor Crash showed a picture of but it's on backorder. I would much rather have that style of sensor. The search continues..... And Wayno, thanks for the anti-tape reference, I was using that when it snapped off. I'll use a little RTV or something similar.
  19. Yes, that's the exact one I have. Is the second pic type available somewhere? Thanks Crash....edit: Found it!
  20. Well, If you bothered to read my above post asshat, I have one coming from ebay.....and not the type you linked, cause that's the wrong one....thanks. Maybe less coffee would help....
  21. They have InstaWeld, but it doesn't have as much PSI as regular JBWeld....it's like 2200 vs 3600 and not sure of the heat range for it. I was concerned about getting it on the threads also, but your solution will work to alleviate that problem. I actually bought the last one from Australia on ebay, so I've got one coming, but I'd like to keep it as a spare if your repair suggestions work out like I hope! Thanks Mike....
  22. I was putting in my new temp sensor and as I was tightening to the o ring(Too Far)there was a snap sound and this is what happened...... It looks like a perfect candidate for the old JB Weld, and I've had great success before with it, but I wanted to check and see if you guys thought it would work?? Thoughts? Thanks!
  23. Did you drill a hole of some sort to attach the wire so it's hidden? Body color as in all white? Not sure I follow you Mike? I don't mind repainting if they fade....it's garaged in my shop, so doesn't get a lot of sun.
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