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  1. NVFireFighter

    So, I messed up.....

    They have InstaWeld, but it doesn't have as much PSI as regular JBWeld....it's like 2200 vs 3600 and not sure of the heat range for it. I was concerned about getting it on the threads also, but your solution will work to alleviate that problem. I actually bought the last one from Australia on ebay, so I've got one coming, but I'd like to keep it as a spare if your repair suggestions work out like I hope! Thanks Mike....
  2. NVFireFighter

    So, I messed up.....

    I was putting in my new temp sensor and as I was tightening to the o ring(Too Far)there was a snap sound and this is what happened...... It looks like a perfect candidate for the old JB Weld, and I've had great success before with it, but I wanted to check and see if you guys thought it would work?? Thoughts? Thanks!
  3. NVFireFighter

    Grill emblem

    Did you drill a hole of some sort to attach the wire so it's hidden? Body color as in all white? Not sure I follow you Mike? I don't mind repainting if they fade....it's garaged in my shop, so doesn't get a lot of sun.
  4. NVFireFighter

    Grill emblem

    So, I tried to delicately as possible remove the rusted nuts, but they ended up with one broken and the other it seemed like an insert came out which is probably a good thing. What have others done to refurbish their emblems? I'm assuming Testors red, white and blue is the best bet for paint?
  5. NVFireFighter

    Fender Emblems....

    I ended up using 3M 1/4" double sided......
  6. NVFireFighter

    Fender Emblems....

    Hmm, wished I'da known about those! Nice...
  7. NVFireFighter

    Just picked up another KC

    Nice score!
  8. NVFireFighter

    Fender Emblems....

    Sad day in history! 🤮
  9. NVFireFighter

    Fender Emblems....

    I like those, but the "by Nissan" has got to go....lol.
  10. NVFireFighter

    Fender Emblems....

    They are actually Z emblems I bought online from a Nissan dealer. But they messed up and sent 2 sets, so I do have an extra set......not sure if I want to trade, I'm kinda a hoarder! Got any pics of the set you have? Thanks!
  11. NVFireFighter

    Fender Emblems....

    Excellent point Mike! I never thought of that..... Tape it is!
  12. NVFireFighter

    Fender Emblems....

    I know they are not 620 emblems, but thought they might look good? It's just so white with no break up......the original emblem holes are gone, so I'd need to re-do or maybe just trim the tab off and use 3M bonding tape? Is there a measurement source/dimension for the holes? Thanks!
  13. NVFireFighter

    Fuel door.....

    Quite true!
  14. NVFireFighter

    Fuel door.....

    Just solved my fuel door issue........lol.
  15. NVFireFighter

    1979 620 build in Utah

    Haha, I didn't know you could option these trucks out? Glad mine got the 5 spd! Thanks Mike.....

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