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    Looking for a fair condition radiator and fan. I can get a new radiator for around 125 and 25 for fan so I am hoping to save a bit of money and go used since I got a ton of repairs to do still


    Turon, Kansas - US

  2. i will admit i am having fun working on it this evening i got to pull the rad support out on the one side should be fun
  3. yea finally started working on it today bumpers trashed valance is trashed i am going to see if i cant fix quarter fender back into place any good places for cheap but good radiator?
  4. yea i know i dont see any frame damage engine was running after it happened shut off do to radiator leaking
  5. sell or keep? had a run in with a deer tonight
  6. it holds quite well have drove over 100 miles with it like that it has not budged
  7. gots a Holley 5210c double barrel
  8. problem with that sorry for late response Christmas and all but there was only 1 wire connected to my carb there was 2 other wires on same part of harness
  9. ok so new problem after doing swap battery is draining slowly i am going to guess its the choke heater, but my question is there a way to keep it working with out it draining battery
  10. update got it wired in ended up getting a new plug for alternator charges around 13.4 would probly charge higher but i think the 12v off alternator threw the harness is not in best shape anyways wondering if i can run a wire from the 12v terminal on alternator straight to battery pics of alternator mounting got alternator from a 02 saturn sl1
  11. strange my haynes did not have wiring diagram AT all even states it does not have anything about wiring
  12. ok so stupid question i was reading posts and i guess on cs130 alts the light wire has to be hooked up for regulator to kick on?
  13. i wonder after checking all wires again and again i desided to check my battery voltage its reading right above 8v so i am guessing when the old alternator (original) went out it might have took battery with it, would that cause alternator not to show 14v+ charging?
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