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  1. Als720

    Transmission swap

    Im going to do some measuring and see the space im going to end up with between the seat and were the gears will end up. They are sending me what they said will fit hopefully thats right if a decide its worth to go that way, i might try to rebuild it i have removed some transmissions and a couple headgaskets on the z24 as well as on an iron duke from an s10 i think with some help i can rebuild it i have checked the oil and put new in it but it seems like a syncro the plug was stripped from the past owners and it seems it was never serviced properly all of its 154k miles im going to check with them on what year truck the transmission is either way i was planning on a new clutch kit. It does seem like a whole being dug.. was hoping for only taking it off and putting the replacement on and getting to drive it already but if its too much of a hassale ill have to figure out something better to do
  2. Als720

    Transmission swap

    The reason im swapin is because mine jumps out of 1st and i bought one but they sent me the wrong one, im getting the front part of the drive shaft as well as another shifter from them i was looking at them and the speedo cable does seem to be on the other side migh need to find one thats longer as to the shifter hole would it be a lot of cutting? Or what do you mean by the shifter plate?
  3. Als720

    Transmission swap

    Im wondering how much modification it will take to install a long tail transmission on my single cab wich comes with a short tail. Any info will be helpful before i start taking it apart.
  4. Since i need to move the truck from were its parked i threw it back together the bolt is somewhat tight but wont be happy with it until i go to recheck the headbolts and see how it holds.. another question the parts store guy gave me the ngk iridium bpr5eix plugs for both exhaust and intake sides will does work the same as the bpr6es on the intake and bpr5es on exhaust?? Doesnt make sence to me, dont trust the parts store on this the guy was surprised to hear it had 8 spark plugs i payed $60 dollars for them so if they dont run the same ill take them back and ask for the right ones
  5. I have the z24 engine im doing a headgasket repair on today When i was torquing down the valve rocker shaft assembly one of the two middle bolts on the middle stripped it only got to 10 ft lbs of torque. What would my options be to fix it? Or can i run it like that??
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