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  1. Will a z22 crankshaft work in a z24 block my z22 block has a large crack in the #2 cylinder wall
  2. 720kid

    Egr valve

    Is a the EGA pipe from the exhaust to the intake required for a z22 to run
  3. I'm looking for a 77 datsun 620 brake vacuum booster or any info on were i can find one.
  4. I have some z24 rods will they work
  5. Im rebuilding my z22 and one of my piston rods is shot looking for a replacment or tips on what other rods i can use
  6. I have a 1983 datsun 720 4x4 drive I'm swapping my z22 with a z24 i have to change the oil pan but do i have to change the sump pump as well
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