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  1. It is carbureted, 1986 was the last year for that. Thanks for all the suggestions. I am going to try the test Datzenmike suggested this weekend and if that doesnt help me Ill try the shop in Auburn.
  2. I live in California and have a 1986 Pulsar NX with an automatic transmission and 80,000 miles. The car runs and drives great, except when its hooked to a smog test machine. Once hooked to the smog machine the cars runs fine for the initial part of the test, but once the technician puts the car under load the engine sputters and eventually shuts off. The car only does this when testing and not when driving. I have taken to 3 mechanics who cant diagnose problem. I even took to a smog repair station, even they couldn't figure out the issue. Replaced fuel pump as a guess and that didnt fix it. All vacuum lines have been checked, all are good, no cracks or loose connectors. Any advice of what to check for or what could cause this issue would be a great help.
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