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  1. You can sometimes find floor pans on eBay. They fit as well as you could imagine.
  2. I feel like I am just over complicating everything to be honest
  3. Very true. Only reason I asked was because since I have A/c the number 1 spark plug hole is blocked making the whole checking for tdc harder than it should be.
  4. So just wondering. If I take off the old distributor and set the new one like old and drop it in, I should in theory, not have to mess with timing at all. Right?
  5. I appreciate it datzenmike. I think I have all the info to make the leap onto EI. You have been a big help
  6. Okay cool. I think I’m going to spend the little more and get a remanufactured 79 distributor with the matchbox. As long as I line the new one up on the engine like the old one was I shouldn’t have to mess with timing at all right? That’s what I’m thinking.
  7. So so now your saying the timing plates might not be the same if I was to swap to that EI distributor? Also so I already picked up a new denso starter online. As well as replacing the positive terminal to starter. @datzenmike so that’s the style to go with? I did see oriely/ autozone do carry the 79 year with the matchbox style on the side. Would that be smarter to go with?
  8. so the second link i showed is indeed the correct one? Don't mean to frustrate you, just making sure I am getting the right one before I throw $100 and get the wrong one
  9. Thanks for the reply mike, it makes a lot of sense. I already have the 12v coil, so i will bypass the ballast completely. This is the type I would need then correct? If so this is the one where the GM HEI comes into play correct? https://www.jcwhitney.com/details/A1_Cardone/Distributor/A131620.html?TID=gglpla&origin=pla&gclid=Cj0KCQiAp7DiBRDdARIsABIMfoCONF_U_g0FvfEvdmGixHfZeEPmOGWkD--VeoBYaZcwlW8VYZvbJboaAl72EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  10. Ever since i bought my 77 620 I have been going over it slowly, replacing vacuum hoses and fuel hoses that were tired and long due for replacement. I have since started on the electrical side, new wires, a new starter( mine wasn't turning over until the third or fourth key cycle) This inevitably brought me to the distributor and what would be the best course of action to make it reliable for a daily and I have came to the oh so important debate of weather i keep the stock point style distributor that is known for wearing out and having to be replaced/ adjusted or swap to a fancy EI distributor and if i went that way I decided would be the matchbox style. So my questions to the datsun gurus out there (datzenmike looking at you) what drop in distributor can i put in my 77 L20b would be the easiest for this to happen? Would this work? I know i would need the rotor and I could use the cap from my old one https://www.ebay.com/itm/113498800247?ul_noapp=true Now the second part, I already bought a new coil, a ngk that is stamped "12 volt, for electric ignition only" I can get rid of all of this crap right? I assume this is the ballast used by the old coil/ points PS. when i pulled the cap off my stock distributor part of the rotor is missing, I believe the point gap is too tight. Basically its time for an upgrade. Thank you to everybody that can help me out here!
  11. daretzcouple

    Brake bleeding

    Ah I thought all had them! Learn something new everyday
  12. daretzcouple

    Brake bleeding

    Did you bleed the NLSV? Located under the passenger frame?
  13. daretzcouple

    Body panels

    That’s what I figured. These trucks are hard to source in the south east
  14. daretzcouple

    Body panels

    So here is a question for everyone, where do you source you replacement panels for your 620? I haven’t had any luck finding a hood and mine is in desperate need of replacing. Is there a company that makes replacement hoods? What about bedsides?
  15. I do have a build thread up showing it so far if you want more information feel free to PM me
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