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  1. daretzcouple

    Brake bleeding

    Ah I thought all had them! Learn something new everyday
  2. daretzcouple

    Brake bleeding

    Did you bleed the NLSV? Located under the passenger frame?
  3. daretzcouple

    Body panels

    That’s what I figured. These trucks are hard to source in the south east
  4. daretzcouple

    Body panels

    So here is a question for everyone, where do you source you replacement panels for your 620? I haven’t had any luck finding a hood and mine is in desperate need of replacing. Is there a company that makes replacement hoods? What about bedsides?
  5. daretzcouple

    620 purchase price

    I do have a build thread up showing it so far if you want more information feel free to PM me
  6. daretzcouple

    620 purchase price

    Well if you are serious I might be inclined to sell mine to you for the price I paid... I’m in va.
  7. daretzcouple

    620 purchase price

    Where are you located at?
  8. daretzcouple

    620 purchase price

    So I picked up one about a month ago. In VA. I paid $2k because it was the most complete I could find and not completely rusted out. That being said datzenmike is right finding parts is hard and expensive. They do not make repops of the hood or bedsides. So unless you are comfortable patching panels you might want to think about shipping one from the west coast
  9. daretzcouple

    Vacuum Line re routing/cleaning up engine bay/carb line help

    Correct it is a 77, 1) I am going to buy new tubing for the brake booster line ( it’s old and brittle) just wasn’t shown in the photo. 2) all wires are connected expect a 4th wire it appears greenish? Maybe just disregard that one? Cannot remember it being connected 3) the first picture, the two diaphragms it is a a/c vehicle where do they go? 4) off the throttle cable there is extra crap 🤷‍♂️ Can this be unbolted too? I assume it’s for the crusie control but not certain thanks guys for your help also any particular way to prime the fuel bowl/ float chamber? Or just keep pumping the gas and turning it over. Sorry first carb’d vehicle
  10. Hey everyone couple of questions for everyone, first does anyone have a vacuum diagram for the stock hitachi carb? I just rebuilt mine and well i forgot where everything went. It doesn't help that i had a aftermarket cruise control setup in the vehicle so I have more lines and brackets than what are supposed to be there i think. two) what is this? can it go? both top and bottom diaphragms 3) I know this is the backfire solenoid, where does it plug into? carb bottom? air cleaner? both?? 4) see the bundle of wires? i know the red goes to anti dieseling valve, black goes to the one on the other side, yellow goes from the back but there is a fourth one looks blue? what does that go to ? Also i couldn't get the truck to fire after rebuilding the car, i do not have to prime the float chamber do it? Im starting to think i didn't rebuild it right😥 thanks to everyone that can help me out!
  11. daretzcouple

    Swiss, our '77 620 king cab

    So we haven’t done much to the truck since Sunday, I am trying to get the car to fire up and run steady. Seems to need a carb rebuild probably from sitting for so long. Possibly a good time to change fuel filters at the same time. Funny thing I got it to somewhat idle and tested out the A/C and it still blows cold 😂
  12. daretzcouple

    Swiss, our '77 620 king cab

    welp, went farther today with taking the paint and bondo on the side and unfortunately the front bedside has completely separated the bed floor. Might have to start looking for a whole new bed. front pic just cause the angle looked good. And if the bed wasn't the greatest news, we started her up to listen to it run and ole swiss decides she wanted to leave a puddle. looked like it is coming from a rubber hose? do 77 have a gas return to the tank? if so looks like mine is rotten. We probably should consider replacing all rubber lines now.
  13. daretzcouple

    Swiss, our '77 620 king cab

    Think I saw on vintage rubber they had the kc quarter window seals for sale
  14. daretzcouple

    Swiss, our '77 620 king cab

    Thank you! Gotta find some parts for it, the hood is pretty much toasted so that needs to be replaced and also looking for the window seals because when we do go in for paint I think it’s going to be ground up
  15. daretzcouple

    Swiss, our '77 620 king cab

    Thank you very much! Wife had nicknamed her Swiss, because of all the holes!

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