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  1. What about the fasteners what are they called ?
  2. I started last weekend however i just did the panels under the dash.. How did they come out.
  3. Thanks i will check them out
  4. Thanks but the OG ones are long gone ... Can i borrow yours !? Jk
  5. Hello friends so ive been trying to find door panels for my 70 521 will 620 panels fit or is their a good thread to make my own i couldnt find any on the search function thanks...
  6. Datsunmonkey

    Rim help !

    He may have he didnt mention it when i told him what i have but i would also ne interested in doing a disc conversion if there is a late model swap for a 70 521 is it possible to use 80's or 90's hardbody parts ?
  7. Datsunmonkey

    Rim help !

    Thank you again for your help
  8. Datsunmonkey

    Rim help !

    So im not that tech savvy how do i add pictures to this post ?
  9. Datsunmonkey

    Rim help !

    I will keep that in mind you guys arr great i will post pics tomorrow..
  10. Datsunmonkey

    Rim help !

    Yes it fits good i had to dimple the dust cap a bit so the covers fit but evrything else looks good!
  11. Datsunmonkey

    Rim help !

    Thank you for your reply im so use to for 8.8 rear ends never had to deal with this !
  12. Datsunmonkey

    Rim help !

    I think i figured it out i believe i need a 7/16 by 20 bulge lug nut..
  13. Datsunmonkey

    Rim help !

    Hello all great forum ! Im a newbie with these vehicles i have a 70 521 pickup that i am trying to put the 17 inch escalade wheels on i was told by a guy that had them on his 69 521 tgey would work however he said he used 12 by 1.25 lug nuts on his i assumed my truck had the same but found that my truck is 7/16 by 20 question is has anyone encountered this and found a lug nut that has a big enough od thanks i tried the search function and didn't find anything.
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