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  1. Nope! No room for the sway bar so i need to figure something else out. May possibly mount where the shock used to go, not sure because I would need to section the sway bar to do that. I am actually keeping the stock wheels, I dig the stock look.
  2. FRONT SUSPENSION Let me preface this by saying my goal was to build the cheapest adjustable upper control arm I could. With that, I know there are different/better ways, but I have a total of $140 in the upper control arms, that’s it. I made my own plates to weld in the uppers to match the ball joints of the 720. Part #s from Speedway Motors upper A arm 91034410 $25 x2 mounting brackets 91645470 $15 x2 Bushed rod end 9008001-STR $13 x4 or you can use a heim joint 5/8-18 RH 1750506 Jam nut 5/8-18 RH. 1750246 $1 x4 1/2-20 2.25 bolts Optional poly bushings- 9.19105G. $14 x4 For the lower control arm I am using a 720 control arm with 18mm 2.5 x 120 bolts along with washers for spacers since the 620 bushings are good. The spindles, hubs, and brakes are all from an 83 720. The angle of the upper ball joint to upper control arm turned out beautiful, pretty much neutral. Lower brackets with the plates I made Coilovers being used
  3. I agree, I found it about 2 years ago I guess, it’s just been sitting in the basement waiting until the Z was finished. I have the left front tacked together so once I have a little more done, I’ll share some pictures of it along with part numbers and such.
  4. Good to know, thanks for that.
  5. Thanks! I’ve found that clean and organized keeps me from being overwhelmed on this type of project!
  6. The weather has turned here in the mountains of NC so it’s time to start on the 620. My Z build can be seen here. The goal is a 2001 frontier ka/5spd swap with ball joints, disc brakes, and 4 link in the rear with disc brakes. Otherwise going back to the original white and plan on sticking with the oem wheels. Just need to get those powdercoated black. I’m amazed at how well the truck was preserved. Totally disassembled and I broke 2 bolts, a fender bolt and a bumper mount bolt. No floor rust at all, everything very well maintained. It’s a 72 made in 5/72, PL620 040211. I’m the second owner so to speak, technically 3rd I think but it was in the same family since purchased new in NC. It was in central NC so no road salt for 5 months out of the year and it shows. I was told it was painted gold (originally 904) by the selling dealer and has not been repainted...ever. 102k miles, I believe to be true, the truck is in great shape. The tie rods did not want to give up to i ended up cutting the left one off of the pitman. Still need to get that end off. Otherwise a really simple disassembly. The front suspension is off already as well. I have a custom front control arm setup I will share once I have something to show. This is where I am after a couple of weekends. Hope to have a rolling chassis by the end of the year.
  7. Thanks for the kind words. I’ll be taking the Z to Zcon this year at Nissan North America so if any of you are going to be there, stop and say hello. Me too, but we are’ t in a hurry so it will be awhile. Thanks for the mounts!
  8. I made a return style system with Ross machine billet fuel rails and aeromotive fpr.
  9. Forgot about that....
  10. Thanks, the 620 is going to be a cheap build. The whole “no expense spared” type of build was a one time deal for me. Don’t think my wife would allow it again either... I’m excited about starting on the 620 this winter. I’ll put a wrench in my son’s hand to help with this one — he’s 4. But It’ll be fun.
  11. Thank you. I think the black bumpers look especially good with brighter color cars. The 905 (or something) blue on these cars looks absolutely gorgeous with chrome, but it’s a darkish color. I painted the drip rail ss trim body color to help blend that in with the lines without eliminating it. The window trim was only lightly polished so that it would still show some grain. But having the bumpers black, matching the wheels and other bits is a nice contrast in my opinion.
  12. And this is next... I found a 2001 frontier Ka24de 5 spd slightly wrecked for $600 (for the entire truck) so that is the donor for the 620.
  13. A little background, I've had this Z for 21 years and spent the last decade restoring and modifying it to what it is today. I got it back from paint in August of 19 and cranked it on February 1, 2020. I was totally done in April. The car has been dyno tuned at Soho Motorsports in Charlotte NC along with a rather aggressive street alignment. Everything on the car is brand new, here is a run down of some of the parts. All the work with exception of paint was done by me. 270/270 at the wheels at 2574 lbs. 2005 350Z engine with matching 6spd -Z1 lightweight fly and crank pulley, kinetix upper plenum, hoke performance shifter relocation 350z complete clutch pedal assembly with master and reservior Custom griffin radiator with recovery system Custom driveshaft with 1320 joints R200 3.5 with Mfactory helical locker (3.9 was too spicy for the street) Troy Ermish cv axles/adapters Toyota front brakes, 240sx rear, stainless steel lines 350z Brake booster 1" wilwood master cylinder w/proportioning valve Modified stock fuel tank with aeromotive stealth phantom system, -6 lines TTT control arms, Ground Control coilovers, camber plates Rota RBR 17x8.5 wheels w/ 245/40 tires - custom center cap stickers Speedhut Revolution gauges Modified center console- moved the shifter location back 2" and abs plastic center panel wrapped in alcontara suede. NRG quick disconnect with NRG steering wheel Electric power steering from zpowersteering.com - freaking awesome btw LED headlights, turn signals, markers, and taillights - also sequential RFID push button start- when approaching the car unlocks, and locks when you walk away I rewired the entire car, i think i added around 12 relays. But it all works! I'm sure there is a lot more stuff, tons of details. I have put about 250 miles on it so far...it's incredible, amazing level of grip. Oh and it has a 7 speaker audio system with bluetooth and handsfree calling (not that I can actually hear anything). Tweeters are in the dash vents, and a 12" sub/amp is in the spare tire well. And now for the pictures!
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