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    Yes, its free. Repost of I can't for the life of me figure out my old password. 1981 200sx, got wrecked a few years ago, decided to try to fix it. Long story short, its been sitting for around 5 years. Ran great when parked, and has been out of the weather this whole time, Just have no time to spend on repairs. Z20e, Manual trans, before being parked it got new brakes, tires, etc. I fire it up every couple of months and it starts in seconds. Clutch and brakes have lost pressure, so will need to be fixed before driving, or trailer it. hood, fender, etc are not on the car, but are still available. This was my first car, so I don't really want to see it crushed, hoping to see if someone else might find some value to it. Thanks for reading ?


    Sequim, Washington - US

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