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  1. Woh never seen those ugly flattop SUs on a dime.
  2. First free day without rain in a couple weeks, got out and put some miles on the dime roaring around wildcat canyon and Bear Creek. The R8 coils seem to run good. I've still got a bit of a weird idle that may be because the nistune ecu I have was originally out of an automatic; I've heard that the iacv control is a little weird on the auto ecus. I stopped for a cappuccino and had 7 different people approach me about my car as I was walking back to it. Including some kid (maybe 15 years old) who told me that Datsuns are his favorite and this was going to be a great day after seeing my car. I wanted to offer him a ride around the block, but figured that society doesn't really like it when you pickup random children in your car; too bad for him.
  3. A K20C1 from the current type-r Civic with an E46 5 speed behind it would be a tidy package. 300+ turn key hp. The exhaust on the passenger side and twinscroll manifold built into the head means the engine is super narrow. You'd be pretty limited in what ecu combo you could run since you need direct injection and drive by wire throttle; that said, Honda does sell this motor complete rtr through their Motorsport support program. Everyone tore me apart when is suggested that a Ford ecoboost would be a rad swap, but ultimately just build what you want and don't end up with an abandoned project.
  4. Put some angled rings behind my gauges so I can actually read em And swapped in some R8 coils And tossed some of that good motul oil in there. I need some longer bolts to put the coil cover back on since the Audi coils sit a little higher. Runs good!
  5. Swapped the 3/4" clutch slave on my dime for a 13/16" nismo unit. What a great upgrade! I have no idea what pressure plate is in this car, but I went from the twitchiest grabbiest clutch pedal to something so superior. Then installed the passenger side seat belt from the seatbeltplanet.com kit and took my buddy for a spin through the Berkeley hills.
  6. Time Left: 13 days and 7 hours

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    The one I've got has a crack running vertically down the whole door, I'd pay a good price for one that is cosmetically and structurally in good shape.


  7. drawks

    pic of your dime

    Yay! It dried out a bit. I put my new seat belts in and really knocked the dust off up in the Berkeley hills.
  8. drawks

    Franken engine

    I didn't mean an SR head onto an l bottom end, I just meant an sr20de or possibly and sr20de block with a VE or VET head. I'm still not sure what advantage a franksteined l20 or l18 bottom end with a 16 valve ka head would have over either a well built KA or SR. I mean it is one thing to have a sweet L series build that looks "correct" in a dime, but at the point that you're throwing a KA head on it you go faster with less money and effort by bringing the KA bottom end along too.
  9. drawks

    Franken engine

    I'm curious what your ultimate goal is. People have made good power at high revs with the ka24 bottom end, you'd be out in the wilderness for a timing set to get the ka24 head on a short deck l series bottom end. If your goal is a shorter stroke with a good flowing twincam head you'd have a shorter, cheaper and more well tested solution in an sr20det perhaps with the sr20ve or vet head for it's superior flow and whizbang variable valve timing and lift.
  10. drawks

    Franken engine

    Flat plane is the standard configuration for 4-cylinder engines, I'm not aware of any crossplane Nissan inline 4 design. Are you perhaps thinking of fully counterweighted vs not?
  11. drawks

    pic of your dime

    She's new to me, my wife named her Jolene. Naturally as soon as I got her it's been rainy basically every day so she's just taunting me from the garage. I took her out for a quick trip to the DMV to transfer the title and had a bit of fun getting the rear end loose in second gear ?
  12. Transferred the title to my name ? Back in a dime after 7 years without one and 15 years since having one that was really a driver.
  13. Thats pretty slick, theres a build here on ratsun too with a turbo'ed honda k24. I think the ecoboost is a more compact package than either of these... I don't think I'm going to undertake the swap (actually found a pretty well sorted sr20det powered dime) but it just seems like these short modern 4 cyl motors with passenger side exhaust/turbo would be a pretty natural fit into a dime.
  14. I'm still confused where your comparison comes into play. This motor doesn't share a tranny or even bell housing bolt pattern with a Chevy or Ford V8, it uses the same Mazda/Ford pattern as a Miata or 4 cylinder light duty Ford truck. I guess my question goes back to the original post. Are you guessing that it is wide and requires all this work or have you actually seen this tranny next to a common Nissan trans?
  15. This is a fair and reasonable take on the situation, I hadn't considered that the typical life of an engine from Rebello's perspective was quite different from my own ? And honestly you're absolutely right that I *want* 300hp for some occasional hoonage, but really would be happy with considerably less most of the time. Perhaps a bone stock s15 sr20det with some bolt ons and a standalone would fit my plans just fine. It is pretty easy to get wound up in bench racing and forget what the actual use case is.
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