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  1. Do you have any SR20 to 620 motor mounts available?

    1. ]2eDeYe


      Sure do. PM sent 

  2. Every outside bolt will have anti-seize for sure. I'm currently using a portable fuel gallon since I knew in advance that the gas tank needed some attention. So far the red top is working perfectly. no complains so far. My goal is to keep the current carb but if it gives me too many problems I'm going weber. And yes it is nice having this truck in NY. Not to many like it here. I also so love the OE wheels. NYC, next time you come down here let me know. According to the last owner the truck was sitting for over 20 years. As you could tell by the picture of the OE wheels. The radiator was to far gone also. Leaking from every area. Plus in the future it will most likely have a custom rad. Coolant is completely flush now.
  3. Yes, I know that most didn't come with rear bumper. But I was wondering if Datsun/Nissan dealerships used to offer bumpers like the one I have? Well so far I done a few things to get it running as normal as possible. Ran in to two problems and hopefully you guys can help me out with one of them. I removed the gas tank which it was fairly easy but I did end up breaking 3 bolts. I opened it up the next day and I notice how bad it is on the inside. I did purchased the chemicals to clean it myself but I decided to get a professional to do the job instead. I also flushed the engine and coolant fluids. Noticed that I have a leak on the radiator and water pump. Replaced the radiator and soon I will do the same to the pump. Replaced the thermostat while I was at it but one of the cover bolt took me just about 3 hours to remove. I also replaced some of the vacuums lines and notice a few missing. *So here is where I need some help* The following locations are missing hoses. By any chance anyone knows? After some brakes adjustments and new air filter I drove it around and it ran ok. High Idle on start and too low on drive. Shutoff on me a few times. I hoping replacing the missing hoses will help on that. And finally, I removed the old tires of the oem wheels to clean them up for new tires. Next step is to replace the muffler.
  4. LRO255

    Greece 620 restoration

    Outstanding restoration! How long did it take you to do all that work?
  5. Yes it is! That's my short term plan. Running good enough to drive back and forth to work. And a clear to the body to hold the rust from getting worst. Finally made it to the city: Oct 12th, 2018 Left on the 10th Two days later made it home. First job was to check what needs repair and remove that bumper. Bumper took some time to remove due to the rust but it finally came out. Is that bumper some how an OEM option? Also gave the muffler a new custom tip. More coming soon!
  6. 1974 Datsun 620 Purchased: Oct 5th, 2018 All Stock vin matching Exterior: Major surface rust all over Interior: Some weather damage Suspension / Wheels: Aftermarket wheels "OEM wheels included" The truck was a barn find from the previous owner. Did some minor work to get it running but he decided to go in a different route. Luckily I was the first to contact him and got the truck for a great deal. I have been looking for a 620 for a few years now and now I'm part of the Datsun family. My goals are to build this truck to my taste but keeping it classic. I know currently forums aren't as active like 10-15 years ago but I still think this the best way to learn and meet people in the same community as you. I will keep updating on here while I still own this truck, which I hope is forever. And now for pics!
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