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  1. The Glow Plug relay is working, Also I have a small black wire there that is not hooked up to any thing. Would like to hook it up to the output side but not sure if i should. So when i turn the Key on there is power to the out put side of the glow plug but no power to the rear glow plug. I get the plug apart that is just a few inches from the relay, spray some WD 40 on the connectors as i couldn't find my electrical contact cleaner, did same to the other small plug near the rear glow plug. Try to start the engine and it starts almost immeidately, but i did have the block heater plugged in for a while this morning. So Wayno you got me checking the right things and now it starts right up, I am very happy about that. I am learning more all the time. So now i am having a great day. So thank you Wayno.
  2. I see this posting is 4 years old but this goes alone with my problems on my 82 SD 22. A few days ago I had been working on this little diesel a lot. So I bleed all the injectors and it will still not start, it was probably around 50 degrees. The engine cranks over real good. I pull it and it starts immediately ??. I let it warm up a little and put it in my shop, I find out it has no power to the glow plugs. My timer works when i turn on the key, beeps for about ten seconds, but i am not getting power to the Glow plugs. I actually think i have more than one problem. I have a block heater and after it has been plugged in for a while the engine is nice and warm when i feel the top of the valve cover. I do have meters and test lights, I just don't know what i should do. I want to make this rig as simple as possible. Last time i checked my injection pump controller was working, I am going to check that again tomorrow. I really need to get this little rig to start up on it own with having to pull start it. I am alone most of the time. Help will be appreciated.
  3. All Diesels

    Frozen Fuel

    I been running biodiesel for over two years now and no problems but it will start to jell around 32 degrees. So it is best to keep about 50% petroleum diesel when it is close to freezing and maybe more when even colder. A couple years ago, I had one truck with B100 in it and I wanted to use but it was below freezing. So i started it up let it run for several minutes, was running fine. So I thought if it will idle fine, i should be able to make it to the fuel station, I got about a mile down the road and it died. I called a friend and got 5 gals of diesel poured it in. It started up and i made it to the Fuel station, no more problems after that. From my reading and experience, the best thing to do in cold weather when using Biodiesel, is to mix in some diesel, the colder it gets the more diesel. The Powerservice should help too.
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