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  1. Ok...so I pulled the boot wire closer to the coil which made it nice and air tight, and put dielectric grease on everything spark plug wire related including coil.....and put the old coil back on......drove it 3 hours in downpours......FIXED!!!!! THANK YOU!
  2. The wires are NGK. If what you're saying about pulling back the boot is true, would it still run under dry conditions?
  3. New coil, new plug wires, new rotor, new cap, new plugs.... I sprayed everything with a spray bottle and the coil arcs from coil wire to one of the studs and dies.......please help
  4. Before and after grill pics.....
  5. So today was a good day. Changed all three u-joints, carrier bearing, and output shaft seal. Changed tranny fluid, rear diff fluid, and oil & filter. Tomorrow I'm swapping out the 79 grill with an early grill...pics to follow.
  6. Ok so I used a torch on it with a long 17mm open end and she finally loosened up....thanks everyone.
  7. So I drained my tranny fluid with making sure the fill plug would unscrew....no I'm screwed.... Read somewhere the u can fill thru shifter. I tried....oil wont go down. Ideas?
  8. I recently replaced the adapter for the carb....but I dont think I dropped anything....
  9. Guy from work is gonna lend me a camera that hooks up to a phone.
  10. So I pulled the plugs from the two cylinders in the rear and both spark plugs were smashed shut. I replaced the plugs, and she runs fine, but has a clanging once in a while inside, as if there is something jumping around on the piston. It doesnt do it all the time, I guess only when the piece lines up with piston and plug....help.
  11. Oil is fine...same as always. I havent checked for fouled plugs or wires cuz I'm at work now.
  12. Fuel filter is a month old, but there are rust particles on the bottom. I'll change it again.
  13. I pulled plug wires off one at a time starting from the front (radiator) and the first two made a big difference, like she wanted to die, but when I did the last 2 there was very little change.
  14. Ok. I'll change it. Ironically I ordered all new tune up parts 3 days ago.... plugs, wires, cap, and rotor. Hopefully it helps too.
  15. So yesterday I drove the truck about 20 minutes, and i noticed going up a bridge that it was starting to miss and jerk a little. By the time i got to where i was going the missing got worse and the truck was shaking non stop. Would not stall, but barely had any power. She idles fine, at a lower idle than usual, but when u rev it, something is off. Truck feels like it has half the power. Please help.
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