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  1. Thegreek

    Started missing and has half the power now

    I recently replaced the adapter for the carb....but I dont think I dropped anything....
  2. Thegreek

    Started missing and has half the power now

    Guy from work is gonna lend me a camera that hooks up to a phone.
  3. Thegreek

    Started missing and has half the power now

    So I pulled the plugs from the two cylinders in the rear and both spark plugs were smashed shut. I replaced the plugs, and she runs fine, but has a clanging once in a while inside, as if there is something jumping around on the piston. It doesnt do it all the time, I guess only when the piece lines up with piston and plug....help.
  4. Thegreek

    Started missing and has half the power now

    Oil is fine...same as always. I havent checked for fouled plugs or wires cuz I'm at work now.
  5. Thegreek

    Started missing and has half the power now

    Fuel filter is a month old, but there are rust particles on the bottom. I'll change it again.
  6. Thegreek

    Started missing and has half the power now

    I pulled plug wires off one at a time starting from the front (radiator) and the first two made a big difference, like she wanted to die, but when I did the last 2 there was very little change.
  7. Thegreek

    Started missing and has half the power now

    Ok. I'll change it. Ironically I ordered all new tune up parts 3 days ago.... plugs, wires, cap, and rotor. Hopefully it helps too.
  8. So yesterday I drove the truck about 20 minutes, and i noticed going up a bridge that it was starting to miss and jerk a little. By the time i got to where i was going the missing got worse and the truck was shaking non stop. Would not stall, but barely had any power. She idles fine, at a lower idle than usual, but when u rev it, something is off. Truck feels like it has half the power. Please help.
  9. Thegreek

    My '79 620 in Jersey

    Absolutely right...and truck seems to run fine....but I do want to maybe rebuild the old pump....says made in Italy.. Any ideas if they make a rebuild kit for this one?
  10. Thegreek

    My '79 620 in Jersey

    Yesterday my fuel pump came.....Spectra Premium SP1174MP....says it's a genuine OEM replacement pump.
  11. Thegreek

    Body panels

  12. Thegreek

    Stock leaf springs?????????

    So when I bought the truck, it looked like it was sitting kinda high in the rear even with 2" blocks. I've seen other people's trucks with stock springs and these dont look like stock. Planning on ordering these http://www.streetedgeusa.com/street-edge-83-97-nissan-720-d21-hardbody-3-lowering-leaf-spring-set/ Or https://www.summitracing.com/parts/bel-5974?cm_mmc=ppc-google-_-search-_-brands-_-keyword&gclid=CjwKCAiAu_LgBRBdEiwAkovNsGkZDaB-Y8JQ-zCDv9f6Pi5_xrK0t_XX9volI3TuoaKq0rHNMyE6bhoC9yQQAvD_BwE
  13. Thegreek

    Shifter bushings.....

    This is the set I just used in my 620.....worked like a charm.
  14. Thegreek

    My '79 620 in Jersey

    So today I changed out my speedometer cable to one off ebay....and now I know how slow I'm going!!!!!!! The original was broken about 2 foot from the speedometer. It also had all kinds of casing over it I guess for heat protection....I tried to slide them off and put on the new one but they wouldnt clear the fittings.
  15. Thegreek

    Wanted...620 bench seat

    Time Left: 1 day and 11 hours

    • WANTED
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    Looking for a 620 bench seat that has the cutout for the shifter. Looks like mine was replaced with another bench.



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