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  1. My truck has the pump on the frame rail not the side of the head. I found the filter. Doesn't look dirty but I'll replace it.
  2. Ok. So if I have the electric fuel pump which I do where is the filter located? Along the frame?
  3. So I drove it to work and the issue is still there. I'm going to get the carb rebuilt and clean out the fuel lines and drain the tank to see what that looks like. Any tips on the electric fuel pump? I believe it is the faccet one. Would it be easier to remove the bed to access everything better? I'm just trying to make this thing daily drivable without worrying about it breaking down. Also will be getting a timing light to see what a going on there. Needless to say I'm pretty frustrated with this thing.
  4. So I removed the idle cut solenoid and idle mixture screw and carb cleaned it. Seems to run way better. Took it for a drive and seems to drive much better. We will see in the morning how it goes. Thanks guys I will update tomorrow. Also I'd love to put a weber on it but I dont want to spend all that money just yet.
  5. So I've been having issues with my truck stalling constantly. I tried adjusting the idle mixture as well as idle speed it helped for about a day. It bogs down and shudders when I'm driving, or slowing down to a stop. I'm thinking of rebuilding the carb. Is there a certain kit I should get? Also any good links for cleaning the gas tank?
  6. Jealous I'd love a kc. Love the patina with the blue. Any big plans yet?
  7. Ok good to know. Not many wrecking yards around here have 620 pickups in them. Just wanted to make sure I knew what it was for which that's what I figured its purpose was. Any brand recommendations for tachs? And should I wire it in at the ignition plug or somewhere else? Thanks guys.
  8. Ok gotcha. Just wanted to know if it was some temporary fix that I was going to have issues with later on. I'll zip tie it out of sight. Another question. I can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for. My truck doesn't have a tach and I'd like to install one. My truck is a 78 and I was wondering if someone had a link to a how to thread on it.
  9. So maybe the old one stopped working and someone did that? Turn signals and everything work I was just curious why it was there.
  10. I'm curious as to what the resistor looking thing is under my dash. Is it a alternative to something? How do I get rid of it? And what is the solenoid looking piece to the left? Just looking to clean this up and got rid of the mess. Thanks for any info on this.
  11. I looked it up. And apparently it has a knob that says vent but mine is broken off.
  12. I checked fused again and the radiator level is good. I didn't realise that little button thing on my heater core that when I push it air comes out of the front two lower vents until I started messing with it. Still no heat yet. Like I said I'm getting air through the vents just not hot anymore. What should I do to fix it? The truck warms up just fine and it was working fine before it happened.
  13. Yes I believe so. I had heat and everything prior to this. And no a/c. I checked the fuses they look fine. And yes the fan is working. Its blowing cold air now though.
  14. So I was driving home yesterday and my truck blew off a hose. (Little one above the water pump). Luckily I was already in my spot. I shut it off immediately. It doesn't overheat but now my heater isn't pushing hot air out. I topped the coolant off, left the cap off for awhile to get bubbles out but it didnt help. I let it run for a good 15 minutes or so. The temperature stayed where it usually does but I just dont have heat. Any suggestions? Thanks again. If it's not one thing its another with it.
  15. Great info. On my next days off I will try this. Thanks. No lights are left on so I'm thinking it's a loose wire or something.
  16. took her for drive today. I installed a "kill switch" not so much for protection but to cut power while I'm not driving it. In case I have a drain of power somewhere. I'm thinking my ignition cylinder might be bad? Like I said it's a pain to get started sometimes even with the jump box I have. But seems to only do it in the morning. I'm stumped. Any suggestions on how to track this issue down?
  17. Yeah mine does the same thing. And damn that's what I was afraid of. I'll just deal with it for now. But I'm having another startup issue. Surprise surprise I know. When I go to start my truck usually in the morning but its random. It wont start. No crank, nothing. But I hook my jump box up to it it tries to start. My starter cranks for a second and then stops. Could my ignition solenoid or switch be bad? It is frustrating because it will be fine for a few days and then something else happens. Any ideas? Keep in mind if checked all the connections to the alternator, battery and starter which I replaced of course. So what could it be? I'll try to get a video tomorrow. Do you guys think I have a draw somewhere?
  18. Where the glass goes into the door. Half of them are missing and the others are dry rotted.
  19. Sweet! That was my biggest issue. So my window seals for the door are pretty toast. And recommendations for brand and where to get them?
  20. Ok as long as I dont run into issues with parts and title stuff it being possible different year cab and chassis I'm not worried about it. It is interesting how they did things back then. I'm unsure of the numbers down there. They dont look much cleaner in person. Anyways I put new spark plugs, cap,and rotor on it yesterday. Seems to have helped the dieseling a lot. I'm happy with it now. I have a slight valve cover gasket leak which doesn't surprise me. What brand do you guys recommend? Btw thanks for all the info on this old girl.
  21. Ok. And that isn't the tail pipe. It looks like a camper tie down point or something. The exhaust stops at the muffler under the bed for some reason. So it's a 78? Just sold in 79 then?
  22. also this isn't factory is it?
  23. So my truck might have been a camper at some point? Or could it have had the bed instead?
  24. Ok. I dont know a lot about the history on these things. Great info and good to know stuff.
  25. And my fan has 7 blades if I counted correctly.
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