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  1. Yes it seems fine in that sense. It has about as much resistance as you describe. But a guy at the radiator place said there’s fan clutch fluid on it so he said it should be replaced.
  2. My 720 transmission gets hot sometimes, but not all the time, and there seems to be no pattern to it, except it when it DOES happen, it's usually after driving it on the highway at higher speeds. It's a 5 speed manual 4wd and the 4wd stick shift even gets hot because so much heat radiates up through the boot. I thought at first it might be the cat getting hot so I had a new one put on but it still does it once in a while. Any ideas? It does have a vibration and a driveline shop said it needed the driveline rebuilt where it attaches to the the transmission (or was it the transfer case?) because there is a little play in it, but another dirveline shop said that play was normal and that it didn't need rebuilt (although he balanced the driveshaft but nothing changed), and said that these trucks are notorious for that kind of vibration due to the divorced transfer cases. U joints are good they said and it isn't the tires. Anyone ever had an issue like this? It is having carb issues and using a lot of gas. I'm having a Weber 32/36 put on it in a few weeks.
  3. Radiator place took a very quick look and there was a little oil on the fan clutch so they recommended starting there.
  4. Hmm. Come to think of it, the truck fan is a bit loud and has been since I bought it about 5 months ago. I mean, I like the sound, it sounds like a semi-truck when you hear the fan winding down. I thought it was just normal for the type of truck, but I had an 81 Toyota truck once and it never sounded like that. Maybe the fan clutch is bad. I'll try to turn it like you said and see what it does.
  5. Thanks for your advice everyone. I live in the desert of Nevada and have to climb the Sierra passes a lot up to 8,300 ft, sometimes I go places higher. My truck normally runs with the temp gauge at about half. It doesn’t get hot at idle, and it’s never actually overheated, but I’m paranoid it will when climbing/under load. By “on the warm side” I mean it goes up to 3/4, and that’s too high for my tastes. Don’t know if it would go higher, because I end up turning the heater on to suck hot air off the engine. In 100 degree weather that’s just a drag! I can’t even use the A/C when the weather is hot because I don’t want the truck to get too hot (not the end of the world, but I’m not a young gal anymore so a little comfort would be nice!). I’ll have to have the radiator flushed and see what condition it’s in. I, unfortunately don’t know how to work on cars, although I’ve done shocks, wires, etc. Given that, it’s not the best truck for me because it is some other issues as well, but I can’t afford anything else. It’s a cute truck though and at 154,000 I hope it will keep going for a while. I’ll have other questions that I’ll post on other threads in regards to the carb, vibration and so on. Thanks!
  6. I want to put a 3 core radiator in my 85 720 4x4. It has A/C too. I'm not sure what to get or where to find one that fits. Any ideas? I live in the mountains and have to climb a lot and it gets on the warm side.
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