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  1. TheKelsoKid

    720 King Cab rear window seal?

    Thank you very much. Been lerking on here for a bit and this is my first post. But yeah looks like the difference between standard and KC seals is about $100! And yep gonna try the one I have currently. It might be fine still. This kid I got it from molested the crap out of the truck so of course there is some random window shoved in there. Also rattle canned it! Surprisingly did a great job though lol. Will make a build once I get some pictures of her.
  2. TheKelsoKid

    720 King Cab rear window seal?

    My neighbor gave me a new window for my 720 KC and for the life of me I cannot find a gasket for it. Been searching the internet and have only found standard cab seals. I'm pretty sure standard and King Cab are different shapes? Where can I find one?

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