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  1. It is a very fussy and tight fit. Hardware store o-rings did not fit - too thick. I just screwed the cover back on and sealed the seam with Lexel. We'll see how it holds.
  2. Well I checked all of this and everything else looks fine, so it is probably just a dead alternator. I pulled it and took it to a reputable local rebuilder. We shall see.
  3. It actually looks like it is triangular in cross section. 19mm diameter x 1.25mm thickness. I'll see what I can scrape up, otherwise I'll break out the RTV.
  4. Indeed. Was just wondering if someone knew exact size or part number so I could just order rather than go rummage through 3 hardware stores before finding one with it in stock 😉
  5. Hello. Has anyone sourced a new o-ring for the windshield washer pump on the bottom cover? I think these are the same for all years and models, I got this pump from a salvage yard and don't remember the year or engine it came off.
  6. If I recall on my '86 with auto hubs the lock ring was all I needed to undo and the splined end of the outer CV was freed.
  7. I had a similar clunk in the driveline for about 1000 miles, then I got some noise in the transmission. Turned out several bearings were worn. Had the trans rebuilt and put in a new clutch and the noise is all gone.
  8. Hello. '86 KC Z24 carb CA model. Suddenly all of the following occurred: 1) Idle stuck between 2000-3000 2) Voltage gauge reading about 11.5v, normally is at 13. Wipers and turn signals very slow. Charge idiot light is on. 3) Lost anti-diesel function, truck diesels when turning it off 4) Exhaust smells rich Only thing I recently did was swap the steering box, but truck has run fine since that repair was done. Any ideas on where to begin the diagnoses?
  9. Put it back up in the air and the steering didn't really have a tight spot but in general felt a little choppy and tight through the entire turn-to-turn range. I loosened the lash adjuster (turning lefty loosey) in 1/4 turn increments until it felt smooth through the range. Put it back down and drove it a bit, still seems like it binds a bit when starting to turn left while stopped or moving a a crawl speed, but does seem a little better. This is a remanufactured NAPA gearset. Maybe just needs to wear in a little? How loose can I go with the lash? Maybe my pump is failing? When I bought the truck and drove it home 150 miles and gave it a close once over it had a huge PS leak and the reservoir was very low. I fixed it and it has worked well for 3000 miles but that was with the old box that was totally slush.
  10. Thanks good point will check this weekend. I don't believe there was but will go recheck and go through this.
  11. Hi all. '86 KC 4x4 just put in a reman (Cardone, bought at Napa) steering gear box. Bled the power steering and it is not whining and the fluid level looks good. Have an odd situation where only when turning the wheel to the left while stopped, have initial resistance then it gives and moves fine. No such problem moving to the right. If I gently move to the left slowly, the resistance is minimal. If I jolt to the left, it is stronger. Feels like there is a gas bubble still in there acting like a spring. Hoping it is not something in the recirculating ball mechanism, I have no interest in pulling this box out and doing a warranty swap then re-install. Maybe just try bleeding again? Not really an issue when moving, but wouldn't want to drive like this regularly without it resolved. Anyone else had this?
  12. Nice work. I had my Rodeo driver seat reupholstered inside and out and now it is like a dream even after driving for hours, though yes it is a little higher. Put a Neon seat for the passenger side, sits high and not as comfortable but was cheap and did not need to be reupholstered. Works great with my kid's child seat too.
  13. I found the actual part for the beefier OEM washer and had that welded on.
  14. Oh and if your strut rod bushing mounting holes on the frame are rounded out, get that repaired.
  15. Hello - got most of the parts from Rock Auto, one piece from Amazon, and then I may have gotten a couple of other things from Napa that I can't remember. I used the higher tier "problem solver" line from Moog and generally went with the Made-in-Japan stuff. Just did the steering box today which I bought at Napa as a reman and also the rag joint which I got from O'Reilly as a generic. Other than the UCA and LCA bushings which I just left in place, entire front end suspension and steering is all new and it's really nice.
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