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  1. Anyone have a bead on a decent 521 hood emblem? There are a couple listed on ebay but I'm hoping to not spend that much. Thanks
  2. I got this truck a month ago and been going thru it and rebuilding the heater box. A friend who has a few datsuns looked at it and said the resister was blown. I have tested it. I have been spending the last week or so getting the heater core checked out and the box fixed up. I had a shop offer to powder coat it for me. So im getting there with the heat. I am also fighting a wiring mess from the previous owners.
  3. Has anyone ever found a replacement blower motor resister. Like something that fits and works from another vehicle? or is there a way to repair it or like say hardwire it to be on the high setting instead of low??????????????????
  4. Time Left: 4 days and 22 hours

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    Please does anyone have a 521 drivers tail light that I can Purchase? I need one to make it legal to drive again. Thanks!


    Federal Way, WA

  5. Does anyone know if you can use say a 620 steering wheel on a 521? What steering wheels interchange straight across? if this has been discussed can someone point me to that post thank you. I did search and not find much.
  6. If I were to do a motor swap, As an Audi also driver I would make a 5 cylinder turbo work ?
  7. Hey there everyone! I just picked up my first datsun and it's a 521. I got it from a friend who has owned it for the last 30 years. He never did much with it except drive it. It seems to be a solid little truck that needs some "brighting" as I call it to be a great truck. Where my confusion comes in is the truck says it has a L16, the tag on the block says L16 but there are some inconsistencies. For one the serial number on the block is different the the engine bay tag. And again my friend never changed the motor. One of the major indicators is that the oil dipstick is on the drivers side next to the exhaust manifold. So I'm looking for some insight on what is actually going on here. Thanks for any help! img upload
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