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  1. i know i have read it before, but i can not find the thread. mike i think you said that buying OEM gaskets will get much better longer lasting results over cheaper aftermarket brands. where do i order those (intake, head, exhaust, and valve cover), and does anyone know part numbers for those?
  2. I have seen your previous posts about blocking the chain tensioner I will buy that plastic wedge tool. Let the fun begin.
  3. inspected some more. my oil level is fine. and it isn't smoke coming out of my exhaust it's steam. i have coolant coming up out of the rear exhaust manifold gasket when i start it after it sits warm for a few minutes. i also have milky oil stuck to the oil cap. so i have water in my oil, i have a bad exhaust manifold gasket for sure, I have a bad head gasket, and i may have a bad/cracked head letting water into the exhaust and oil. am i diagnosing this correctly? do i have a bad head gasket for sure? Is my next step pulling the head straight away? Shit! 😕
  4. I was a quart low on oil the other day so i put a quart of Lucas heavy duty oil stabilizer in instead of oil and now my engine is smoking a lot more than it used to ( from the exhaust). i have the Z24 that was rebuilt in the last 3k miles. should i not have used the Lucas? is there a reason why the Lucas and the smoking would be related and occur at the same time? Also, i don't know if it is related, but i think i developed what sounds like an exhaust leak coming from the manifold. this also started the same day that i added the Lucas stabilizer. are these all related, or does the smoke and exhaust least have nothing to do with the Lucas? i haven't done a soapy water test on the exhaust yet, and i haven't done a compression test since the symptoms occurred either. any ideas or thoughts on the Lucas Oil? i don't know if this info sheds any light on a potential solution, but my compression from the front of the engine to the back was 146, 126, 141, 142 before these symptoms. the engine purrs smoothly at idle when it is warmed up, but you can still hear the "ticking" sound that i think is the exhaust leak. when i accelerate the sound gets louder and more frequent. the sound does not go away from thermal expansion as the engine warms up either. any ideas? thanks.
  5. You aren’t talking about these right? I think we already talked about the 1” ish drain holes in the floor pan, and this is what I used for replacements. Hope the amazon link works. I still have to get to get my floor pan dried in. I sunk it in a puddle last week and got a bunch of water and river silt inside. 1" 1 inch Flush Mount Black Plastic Body and Sheet Metal Hole Plug Qty 10 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PEZS37I/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_kkICCbZ8JHJFA
  6. I bought a replacement carpet for my 83 720 at Auto Custom Carpets Inc. I haven’t installed it yet because still have some work to do on my floor pan, but it appears to be custom fitted for the truck. Several colors are available.
  7. Wish I could make it. Gotta work tomorrow. Might be taking a Monday-Friday shift soon, so I hopefully will be able to make it to future events.
  8. all three have brown interiors. two of them are rough.
  9. i have three potential parts trucks north of seattle. 84/85 720 4x4
  10. a few updates. working on the floor pans. wired and installed new speakers in the toe kick. did these trucks come stock with only two speakers in the toe kicks? rewired the dome light and door open sensors. finally got the original service manual does anyone have a good method to seal/fix these pin holes at the base of the toe kick? once i get it dry and rust free i will paint with rustoleum and install the carpet.
  11. go to your local junk yards and try to find a a comparable donor truck to get parts off of. may be hard to find, but that is a good start.
  12. Well I figured there was something thicker than 12 or 13 gauge steel down there, but I haven’t dove into it yet. I know a few good fabricators and have access to metal so let’s see what happens ?
  13. ill give that a look Monday which is my next day off. i work weekends, so having 4 days off a week will hopefully allow me to get plenty of work done on the truck. ill let you know what i find out. thanks.
  14. that is correct. when you shut them off that's where they stay.
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