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    SOLD **Car is currently on a chassis dolly** If someone is genuinely interested, im willing to rough fit the suspension wheels and motor to get the car shipped. all parts are top quality, especially the motor, with a little bit of TLC this will be a monster of a car. Not looking to part out 1972 Datsun 240Z Clean title Rust free complete shell 2 dashboards (1 in VERY GOOD CONDITION) Nardi steering wheel SpeedHut Gauges EvoX recaro seats Takata harness 4 point roll bar Misc plastics and interior panels New fiberglass door cards 15x10 diamond racing wheels with brand new tires MSA Air Dam Fender flares Fender Mirrors Skillard front lip splitter R32 (late) RB26DETT Tomei Poncams Tomei adjustable cam gears Rb25 tranny and z32 tranny Completely refreshed block and head decked and honed Ferrea Titanium springs and retainers All metal gaskets (cometic head gasket) 2x GT28rs stainless braided oil and coolant lines Heat coated exhaust manifold DEI Titanium wrap downpipes ID 1000cc injectors Wiring Specialties harness NISMO coppermix clutch ARP head and main studs R34 coil packs ATI Super Damper McKinney motorsports motor mounts Custom oil pan 24” intercooler Universal intercooler piping kit T3 complete front suspension and rear Complete energy bushings kit Rebuilt steering rack Brand new radiator, shroud and fan 2x r200 diffs (1 LSD and 1 welded open) Z31 cv axles 280z stubs Upgraded disc brakes (4x4 fronts and maxima rears) New 280zx MC and brake booster Refurbished gas tank stainless steel gas line New Badges + Boxes and boxes of misc parts that ive probably forgotten More Pictures https://imgur.com/JC5k5vQ https://imgur.com/h6xKpqc https://imgur.com/bhTuQpt https://imgur.com/2S9V3oq https://imgur.com/JcqW1Uk https://imgur.com/1sUZdPz https://imgur.com/uZB8V4v https://imgur.com/mRXeNeU https://imgur.com/M6chHLs https://imgur.com/nYHB7Yv https://imgur.com/P3j77cV https://imgur.com/98gvO3g https://imgur.com/jiObWy1 https://imgur.com/gp3cgeP https://imgur.com/jZhTqQG


  2. lol it was sorta running, it would drive a few minutes before it would bog out and die on me. Eventually pulled the motor to do a frame up restoration. i have removed 100% of the rust on the body, and got a roll bar welded in so right now it sits in the "waiting for paint" stage. I bought the car with the body in like 6 different colors the previous owner was working on the body to get it painted before i bought it off of him.
  3. Im not sure if this is the right place to ask but i am having an existential car crisis and need some outside opinions. Ive had my 240z for about 5 years now and its been in non running project status for about 4 of those years. For some reason i got the idea of owning an NSX stuck in my head. Am i crazy and should i just get back to work on the 240z (after i get my 620 back on the road lol) or should i just sell the whole project and get myself a NSX. Im trying to take everything into account, fun, drivability, and eventually value appreciation (least concern). Help me out guys!
  4. @johnbureezu and @Icehouse were either of you ever able to figure out what happened here? Im having the exact same issue and symptoms. Also (i dont know if its related or not ) i am not getting a spark and have checked everything, i am getting 12v down to the coils and when i manually rotate the CAS i get injector clicks but no sparks. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Hey guys i really tried to get this done without posting so i read all 41 pages but i need some help. Ok so this is an S14 Zenki sr20det mounted in my 620 also if it makes any difference it has an Apexi Power fc for an S15 using an Apexi zenki to s15 harness conversion adapter and the engine harness looks pretty hacked up (previous owner). Ive been using the below 2 diagrams for reference https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-03UEAmi113g/UvB2xFHHojI/AAAAAAAAEoU/F_GdK1ODzkw/w1007-h611-no/SR20DET+S14+ZENKI.png and https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9F33_M_GgENNFJHdVd6VWlLUmM/view?ths=true ive been able to find and i think connect all the connections with a corresponding pin number as well as the key/ignition and fuel pump but i'm missing the following: IAVC - is that pin#4? Coil packs - am i suppose to tap all 4 coils (1,2,11,12) Injectors - am i suppose to tap all 4 injectors (101,103,110,112) VTC,O2,ECT - i dont see any brown is it 29? what i did notice was the black/red cable (pin 45/Run 2) is present at both the coil and injector harness, if that means anything... Also when i turn the key, only the first light (Run) turns on, if i short ECCS LSS to ground the other two light up as does my power fc commander. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks! Also heres a couple pics for reference if it helps
  6. eon

    SR20 turbo fitment

    So im having a hell of a time trying to get the turbo to clear the steering column and the motor mount, i have the tomei extreme manifold which keeps the turbo in the stock location but i am running a GT2871r but it looks almost identical in size. Any recommendations on getting it to fit? If the only answer is switch to a top mount, any recommendations and is there any issues with the brake booster/master? Thanks!
  7. eon

    eon's SR620

    Small update, bolted up the intercooler and mocked up the new aluminum radiator. I think i can get (with some bit of cutting) the original hoses to meet up just have to shorten the SR water neck to confirm.
  8. eon

    eon's SR620

    no worries I ended up buying a civic kit that came with a bunch of tubing for really cheap off eBay and it fits perfectly. Yeah I’m using a universal in tank retrofit I haven’t checked the tank yet but from the looks of the fsm it’s another exit in the tank.
  9. eon

    eon's SR620

    Ok so i have a question, im starting to hook everything back up and i was wondering about the charcoal canister. I keep on reading a ton of contradicting opinions on whether it can be deleted but most of them deal with the original motor. What is the usual consensus when swapping in a SR or really any modern motor. I know the same topic appears in the SR forums and they seem to delete it.
  10. eon

    eon's SR620

    I that thread there is a link to the TJ inserts
  11. eon

    eon's SR620

    Update! Finished flipping the center link using the TJ tapers, while i was at it i bought a new center link and upgraded to the 720 adjustable tie rods. Then i finished cleaning, priming and painting the engine bay satin black (SEM HR010) And finally after several hours of frustration i got the engine in. lifter the rear to compensate a bit for the crazy angle the engine needed to get in FINALLY!
  12. eon

    eon's SR620

    Awesome thanks!
  13. eon

    eon's SR620

    I’ve seen a couple of those do you have a pic and dimensions? Thanks!
  14. eon

    eon's SR620

    Question for all you turbo guys ive seen a couple of pics but im wondering what size and where are you mounting your intercoolers?
  15. eon

    eon's SR620

    Hey Everybody! Been a lurker for a few years but since ive gone full bore into this build i thought ide start a build thread. So i bought this '78 620 about about a year and half ago since i needed a pickup to do...well... pickup things and i have a thing for datsuns, im sure everyone here can understand lol. From the start the 620 was what you can say interesting. It was purchased from Oregon if i remember correctly and from the moment it arrived its been....umm...fun. As soon as we got the truck off the rig the throttle cable broke and like any sensible person i pulled out my zip ties and jerry rigged the cable to reach through the window so that i could accelerate by hand and get it home (the rig couldn't get into my urban neighborhood so i had him drop it off at my office about 20 mins away). I gotta say its ratty as hell but a really fun car to drive around! Heres some mandatory pics So about a week later im doing the old "aimlessly scour craigslist for things you dont need" thing and i come across this bad boy for a price i could not resist and these unfortunately life got in the way and they got put into storage but i continued to make great use of the truck oh if you havent already noticed i did manage to put on a set of 15x10 wheels and some fender mirrors This leads me to current day, about a month ago i was driving the truck on the highway and all of a sudden the engine seized and oil just blew out beneath me and it just so happen the a few days later covid-19 started hitting the NY/NJ area hard so i was sent to work from home and subsequently furloughed. So i have A LOT of time on my hands now and i decided that what better time than now to put in all the parts that have been in storage! I did find out where all the oil came from. It seems my crank got scared of the dark and decided it wanted a window! (tennis ball for scale) Doing a little rust repair and that leaves us at this afternoon. there will be more to come.
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