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  1. eon

    eon's SR620

    Awesome thanks!
  2. eon

    eon's SR620

    I’ve seen a couple of those do you have a pic and dimensions? Thanks!
  3. eon

    eon's SR620

    Question for all you turbo guys ive seen a couple of pics but im wondering what size and where are you mounting your intercoolers?
  4. eon

    eon's SR620

    Hey Everybody! Been a lurker for a few years but since ive gone full bore into this build i thought ide start a build thread. So i bought this '78 620 about about a year and half ago since i needed a pickup to do...well... pickup things and i have a thing for datsuns, im sure everyone here can understand lol. From the start the 620 was what you can say interesting. It was purchased from Oregon if i remember correctly and from the moment it arrived its been....umm...fun. As soon as we got the truck off the rig the throttle cable broke and like any sensible person i pulled out my zip ties and jerry rigged the cable to reach through the window so that i could accelerate by hand and get it home (the rig couldn't get into my urban neighborhood so i had him drop it off at my office about 20 mins away). I gotta say its ratty as hell but a really fun car to drive around! Heres some mandatory pics So about a week later im doing the old "aimlessly scour craigslist for things you dont need" thing and i come across this bad boy for a price i could not resist and these unfortunately life got in the way and they got put into storage but i continued to make great use of the truck oh if you havent already noticed i did manage to put on a set of 15x10 wheels and some fender mirrors This leads me to current day, about a month ago i was driving the truck on the highway and all of a sudden the engine seized and oil just blew out beneath me and it just so happen the a few days later covid-19 started hitting the NY/NJ area hard so i was sent to work from home and subsequently furloughed. So i have A LOT of time on my hands now and i decided that what better time than now to put in all the parts that have been in storage! I did find out where all the oil came from. It seems my crank got scared of the dark and decided it wanted a window! (tennis ball for scale) Doing a little rust repair and that leaves us at this afternoon. there will be more to come.
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    These are Pon retro Fender Flares i purchased them last year painted them flat black and never installed them im now going in a different direction so i no longer need them DETAILED INFO Fit for Datsun 620 Made of sheet metal 1/32" (0.79mm) Comes with 4 Pieces (2 x Front 2 inches and 2 x Rear 2 inches) **Please allow 5-10 mm errors due to handmade. Color: primer gray. 100% Handmade. MADE IN THAILAND Professional installation is recommended.


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  6. eon

    72 620 barn find

    nice, it seems theres always a guy like that a couple towns away lol. Thats how ive gotten several hard to find parts for my z unfortunately thats all my guy carries.
  7. eon

    72 620 barn find

    Awesome, thanks!!
  8. eon

    72 620 barn find

    great build! Where did you find that rear window, is it new?
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