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  1. Do u have a part number for the top radiator hose
  2. Ad says 521 and 520 so they are advertising the wrong item wher might I get a set I just need the back lenses are good no cracks but wher light socket go’s ther shot
  3. So starting on new wiring tomorrow. order taillight and I’m not happy this is what came in today
  4. That’s the progress today I put the drive shaft from the 720 plugs and wires fan and shrout puting the alternator from Dodge Ram diesel 1998
  5. Fan and base 0ne 10” and one 9” fan
  6. So going to order 10” fans mishimoto but problem is it only provides 900 cfm will I have enough with 2 fans or wood I have to go with a different route from what I have measured it only 2.5 to 3in room for fans to go in
  7. Took me longer than expected can I cut this section out or is this a no go
  8. So take cover off and and with cut off wheel make the noch to split it that seems simple enough . Do u think I can stick 2 10”fans on to the 521 radiator or what size should I buy
  9. Okay that works motor has only 100k so I’ll just clip fan clutch out
  10. Going to run 12” electric fan mishimoto just need it not to stick out for radiator and fans
  11. If I’m going to replace water pump can I replace it with the L16 or dose it have to be the water pump to the z
  12. Going electric fans and going to put bigger alternador so far motor mounts are in
  13. Will I have to swap the pumpkin in the rear end from the 720 over to the 521
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