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  1. Thanks will consider replacing. The ring I have the new ring ther so ima roll with it till it doesn’t work any longer and then put the new one most like in the future ima swap to a z21 I have a almost complet truck
  2. And one more thing by any chance dose any one know where I can buy door window regulator I know it’s off the topic
  3. I have no clue but that’s the only way I got spark on run when I took that tap off
  4. This is the tape I took off and it’s from the old pertronix I didn’t want to brake the new one but it’s working now
  5. I know I read this on the instructions but we removed it and it started right up
  6. Okay found the problem so the truck for some reason it work the way I had it wired the first time and the way I have it now like the diagram shows the problem was the green magnetic strip on the pertronix what I did was remove the green wrapper and install the parts back and then it started like a top so that was my solution thanks for all the help
  7. Okay BW is on top of resistance now and Br is on the bottom going to the positive of coil and from ther it goes to the pertronix only thing on neg side is the black wire from the pertronix and can some one tell me how to put the pictures I can get the url but it doesn’t come out like the picture on top
  8. I put new switch new pertronix New coil new cap and rotor and ballast
  9. Sory haven’t had time to work on it it’s been on stand by I will post images of how I have it and if u can tell me if I have something wronG I appreciate all the help https://ibb.co/nbVxfxMhttps://ibb.co/bBhKcfghttps://ibb.co/sbh8S6j
  10. Distributor is turning but no spark until u put it to off very quckly
  11. Okay part came in it’s installed only getting power to coil when I turn it on and of quickly
  12. Can u send me part number or are they the same for any year
  13. Well from what I can tell and from what the previous owner told me he had it 10 year and I’ve had it 3 and he had never changed any of the thing I replace only cap and rotor so I guess they do last
  14. Yes points coil and ballist both are new and dnt know but the cap and rotor are from a 1980 720 because the oem didn’t fit at some point the changed diss I think
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