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  1. Will this work on the one drum system or only disk brakes
  2. Alexp521

    Power window

    Dnt know how to look for parts on the page yet wayno or ppl near me
  3. Alexp521

    Power window

    Forgot I’m short so I have plenty of leg room wayno
  4. Alexp521

    Power window

    Well the problem is that I have 1000 dollars in glass the truck has Been repainted all vent ,rear and front glass weather seals have Been order radiator is in and I need to do brakes and upholstery But the big problem is I’m missing a lh window regulator so I would like to go electric
  5. Alexp521

    Power window

    Has any one put power window on the 71 521 pickup I’m tented in buy this but i would like the thoughts of people or picks of what u have done
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