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  1. I had a blast! Everyone there was so cool! Looking forward to next year!
  2. I have the truck all together. Not as far along as i wanted, but it is together and i feel good about the roadtrip, other than the clutch hydraulic line was too close to the exhaust manifold today. Its plastic, and it burned through! Im going to try to make a temporary repair tomorrow. I hope it works, or i will have to trailer it!
  3. I am now registered and have an RV spot rented. Still trying to get the truck road worthy and somewhat presentable! Oh ya! I need to figure out how to get off work now! Hmmm, i think i might have the flu next weekend! LOL
  4. I am now registered and have an RV spot rented. Still trying to get the truck road worthy and somewhat presentable!
  5. Trying to do the body work and get this truck back together!! I hope i can do it! KELMO said he was going to drag me there no matter what!! The pressure!! LOL
  6. Been busting my ass doing body work on this beast! Roof is done along with the cab back, windshield frame, and front grille/radiator support. The hood, and front fenders i am working on now. I just shot epoxy primer on them yesterday and see quite a few blimishes! I dont know if i have time to sand these out more right now. I have to get this back together for the JDM classic! Im going to be blowing bondo buggers for months!! LOL
  7. LOL, im planning on it! I just realized today that its only a couple weeks away!!! The trucks not going to be as far along as i want, but i dont want to miss out this year!
  8. Ok, thanks. You probably remember the Ramseys if you did logging here, how about Homer Zale? Did you know him? What an awesome person! Kelmo seems like a great guy! He has been very helpful and patient with me "the new guy"! LOL I am anxious and excited to meet all of you! Thank you all for the kind complements and friendly acceptance!
  9. I wanted a Jeep AEV pickup but i dont want to pay $80,000+ for one! I have several Nissan Patrols and decided to make a pickup out of one. I took a Patrol can and cut it in half behind the doors. I then built a frame and stretched sheet metal over it to make a pickup cab. When i did this i decided to make the top half of the cab come off (unbolt). This way i can run it without a top, hard top, or rag top. I then took the roof from a Patrol and cut a section out of it to shorten it for the pickup cab. Next i built a bed. I like to hunt and there is no room in this cab, so i built a box in the front of the bed and put a couple slide out drawers to hold guns/bows. It will be weather proof. I mounted this on a 1994 Jeep Wrangler chassis that i lengethened 18". Hope you like it!http://imgur.com/gallery/ok2cDS6 http://imgur.com/gallery/85oNEGg http://imgur.com/gallery/wK9pU7O http://imgur.com/gallery/UqN3hQt
  10. Sorry guys, i kind of jacked this thread. I will post a build thread.
  11. Thank you, im very proud of it! They only imported the Nissan Patrol into the states between 1963-69, they made a pickup version, but they were never imported into the US market. There are 3 that i know of that were shipped over by private individuals. I didnt want to go that route so i cut up a Nissan Patrol and made my own version of the pickup. Its the only one like it in the US!!
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