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  1. To win these would be sweet 🤞🏻.
  2. I just double checked and it’s definitely leaking from where the hose screws into the slave. The hardline and hose connection is dry. I’m not going to mess with that anymore right now. I’m going to order the clutch kit and replace all that and hopefully that will give me a working clutch and none leaking slave. I’m going to order all my front and rear brake components too since they are old and at least one rear drum is frozen. Thanks!
  3. I'm getting ready to order a clutch kit and I planned to order front and rear brakes too since mine are old and are kind of frozen. I'm going to order everything for the rear drums and was going to get everything for the front. I figure it makes sense to get everything for running D21 drop spindles now since I figure that is the best route for lowering the truck and will save money in the long run getting it now. I need a master cylinder and figured I should upgrade that to the 15/16 like you suggested. I have seen the mid to late 70s Z cars have the vertical mounts, drum rears, and 15/16
  4. I’m not sure that anything is wrong with mine. I just figured it may be a good idea to change that when I do the clutch, but I’m sure I can resurface the original. Would you recommend anything else to replace while I am doing the clutch kit? Should I reuse the flywheel bolts or get new ones? Thanks!
  5. The Napa Auto by me had a slave cylinder in stock, so I went up and got that. There was a washer on the original slave I took off, so I put that on the Napa one. I also sprayed a bunch of brake cleaner in the trans opening. No luck and there is still fluid leaking from where the hose screws in. I think the clutch components are just too rusted or something is broken like you said. I guess I’ll just order a new clutch kit and put that in. Should I replace anything thing else while I’m in there, rear main seal...? I’ll check prices online, but any suggestions for clutch kits? I was t
  6. It definitely isn’t cross threaded since it went together easy. The slave and hose didnt come with a washer, so I don’t think there is supposed to be one, but idk. I can try plumbers tape and see if that helps. If the tape doesn’t work I guess I could send it back to Rockauto and order one from the dealer. I really do feel the clutch parts are frozen since I’m sure lots of moisture got in the torn(almost missing) boot in the years it was sitting. I might just have to buy a clutch kit earlier than I was planning to ?.
  7. I installed all the parts and everything went together easy. The pedal was firm and the slave rod moved a little, but the arm wouldn’t move. Now the pedal is softer because the fluid is leaking from where the hose attaches to the slave when I push the pedal in. The rubber boot is torn bad that goes around the arm, so who knows what kind of elements got in there like water or mice.
  8. New clutch master, hose, and slave cylinder in now. When pushing the clutch in the slave is leaking from where the hose screws into it. I believe this is happening because the clutch is frozen/rusted and the slave can’t push the arm. I tied starting it in gear to break it loose a few times, but that hasn’t worked. I’ve seen videos of people lifting the back of the truck with a jack and starting it in gear. Then releasing the jack and the wheels grabbing the ground can break the clutch loose, but idk. Any other suggestions?
  9. I started to replace the clutch master, slave cylinder, and hose. I think my clutch is frozen/rusted together. I new the clutch wasn’t working, but I assumed it was due to the slave being frozen. When removing the old slave cylinder I noticed the clutch fork barely moves...basically only wiggles a little. I have the new clutch master in and will have the hose and slave installed in the morning. Any tips for getting the clutch/clutch fork unstuck? I’m going to have to add fluid and bleed the system first, but not sure how easy that will be with a frozen clutch.
  10. Was this on Craigslist, maybe in the Carolina's? Looks like one I saw on there recently. It appears to be pretty solid and has way less rust then my 78 I picked up in PA last month. Mine has the same or similar wheels. Have fun with it.
  11. Ah that makes sense. I know the filter under the hood, just didn’t know if that was another small one. Do you know if those different hoses can be replaced with regular fuel hose or are they something different/special? Thanks!
  12. Well I re-torqued the head studs and as for now the head gasket is not leaking. I installed the new radiator and had the truck running for a while and no sign of leaking from the head gasket like before ?. I removed the bed today also and noticed the fuel tank hoses were dry and one cracked. 2 of the hoses are a different type of hose than the rest of the black rubber hoses. They are a harder plastic/rubber and one cracked in half. I can replace them with the same black hoses I have replaced the others with, but I didn't know if they are supposed to be made of something differe
  13. Ok, I will loosen and re-torque the head studs. I didn't even think about having to do that since I've never had to try to re-torque anything. Thanks
  14. I torqued the head studs and most were tight. Maybe 1 or two budged a tiny bit, so we’ll see. My new 3 row aluminum radiator from Radiator Expressed came today, so I removed the old one. Went to install the new one and the mounting holes do not match up at all ?. It is taller than the factory one, but that may not be an issue. I called customer service and I’m supposed to hear back from them after the technical department looks into it. There isn’t even material on the radiator in the areas that match up with the mounting points on the truck or I could just drill holes in that area and bolt it
  15. I'll probably just replace most of brake components since it's all old and been sitting a while. That way I don't have any sudden failures. I added fluid to the clutch master and the slave cylinder isn't moving and the shaft has rust on it, so I'll replace both of those too.
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