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  1. it might as well be at this point lol. And ill look around and see if i can find one.
  2. That sucks. I figured out that the old harness was shot as alot of the wires were melted together between the firewall and computer. I have no idea what happened there. Ive always had crazy electrical issues with the truck. At one point my neighbors would tell me my lights in the front would come on randomly throughout the night and flicker.So im going to attempt to rewire the truck. i was thinking it would be be best strting with starting/charging section of wiring. This is a diagram that i am attempting to work with. the only part that stumps me is the two wires coming from the alternator and how to tell them apart. Also i was wanting your input mike on what do you think i should do in this situation? am i headed in the right direction? or should i invest in one of those universal wiring harness?
  3. there are two wires that come out of the alternator. the green and yellow. im needing to know wich one is number 1 and wich is number 2.
  4. Got it off. I was also going in from the wrong angle. Will the bolts need to be torqued up re assembly? I know the bottom three bolts will require thread sealent.
  5. Yes it's the front cover inside the trans. I tried that with the extension and ball. Maybe I just wasn't hitting it hard enough. I'll give it another wack.
  6. Do you by chance have any pictures? I have looked for one but can't seem to find it.
  7. How do you get the front cover off of the in person shaft? I've got all the bolts out and the clutch ball. Still ain't budging. Also I can't figure out how to get the rubber boot that fits around the shifter on the shifter plate having to tear it?
  8. Hell yeah. i know what Im doing tomorrow then as long as this rain holds out. Ive been wanting to get rid of that mess for a long time. You sir never fail to answer a question and steer me in the right direction. You should get paid for doing this stuff.
  9. I know it. I went through all that awhile back. Ive got a new one now and I'm definitely gonna measure twice before i go to chopping it up.
  10. Ah okay i gotcha. appreciate it.
  11. I went ahead and ordered this kit last week, it should get here soon. im hoping its gonna work out like i want. i don't see any reason why it wont. id just have to modify my throttle cable a little to make it shorter. Are you talking about the ball bearings that replace the nylon ones? If so Ive been curious for a while now if those would change/improve anything. im sure it would if their already worn. but what would be the difference between them new.https://www.ebay.com/itm/Universal-Bell-Crank-linkage-fits-Weber-Carburetor-32-36DGV-DGEV-DGAV-38-38DGS/331625750974https://www.ebay.com/itm/Universal-Bell-Crank-linkage-fits-Weber-Carburetor-32-36DGV-DGEV-DGAV-38-38DGS/331625750974
  12. Oh ok i didn't know i could just clip them and cover them up. i figured it'd leave a bunch of open circuits or something and give me problems. That works for me though. I'll be able to get rid of quite a few in that case. Ive got a wire already ran for the choke and idle cutoff switch so that wont be an issue neither.
  13. yeah i was questioning whether i should keep it in the same thread or not lol. You can go ahead an combine them though .i appreciate it. And yes I'm replacing the z24i with the z22. I'm wanting to pretty well make my own engine wiring harness so i can get rid of the big pile of wires on the fender wells that not being used anymore.
  14. Hey mike Ive never heard of this mod before but that's pretty cool. what years 300zx/280zx clutch kit would you need to use with the 87-93 flywheel?
  15. I Used one of the Energy performance kits for my 86 Hardbody. the O.D. of the sleeve was a tad bit bigger than the holes for the mounts under the front radiator support. So I went out and bought me a step drill bit big enough and took my time widening out the holes. ( its wasn't a big enough difference to where it would affect structural integrity IMO) They fit perfect now and i couldn't be happier with the difference that they made. I was sick and tired of hearing the truck squeak 24/7.
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