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  1. The truck has been wired with a painless performance wiring harness. So no stock electrical components aside from dizzy, coils, alt, starter, and fuel pump. Could I substitute that part for something? Wire in a relay for each coil so they each get and keep the 12v power when needed
  2. Yep. Mine looks just the same. Thank you mike. Just what i wanted to hear.
  3. ah okay. Sorry bout that and no its not cracked anywhere. What parts ,if not all, below the icm be tooken out and cleaned? I dont see why drilling and tapping wouldnt work. Ill take a closer look tomorrow
  4. None of the pics are showing up. But if you dont mind could you send them to me if you have em still. Im rebuilding my z22 right now as well. I also used a painless performance wiring harness to wire my 86 d21. Have had lots of trouble getting good spark. Very interested in how you wired yours up. If you have already. Thanks
  5. top of it. You can see the teeth still have that squared off looking tip. Is this what matters when looking for damage on the reluctor?
  6. I know its the rotor lol i was trying to upload this picture but couldnt. i got the underside of it a little with screwdriver. But all the teeth look decent. Reluctor is upside down in the pic.
  7. I see that. Thats why im here. Lol im asking can i modify the plate it mounts on to fit this one and it still function as it should? It wouldnt be nothing but drilling and tapping new holes in the plate if so. Just want to verify before i go to drilling.
  8. I would upload more pics but dont know how. Could someone help me out lol. Its been awhile keeps saying im only allowed 4 mb
  9. So little over two years later with still no spark. I finally just bit the bullet and removed the reluctor wheel and icm. I dizzy had the 4 wire icm but i bought the 3 wire as it was cheaper and didnt realize mounting holes were different. Can i still use it? Also is this reluctor wheel damaged to the point that id need to replace it? Sorry for digging up old thread. Figured its better than starting a new one. Any help appreciated
  10. Yes it does the clicking after a few turns. The cables and starter are still new. But I have had the battery for a few years. Just a cheap walmart battery.
  11. Im aware of that also. Just throwing it out there. That ground is for the lights and whatnot in the front This aint the stock wiring harness. It's a painless performance universal kit. Everything works as it should so far besides for the slow turn over issue.
  12. I was thinking that if i took the ign wire off the starter and measured it there with the key in start with the other probe grounded of course.
  13. I'll test the voltage at the starter before and after just to see if theres a difference. Maybe thats my problem.
  14. I know that. It had caught my attention earlier and just figured id ask. I was out looking at the truck earlier and there is an obvious ground that i somehow left out/overlooked. The battery is not being grounded to the body. It has a battery to motor, motor to frame and the little one on the firewall. The front clip is also grounded to the frame with a little strap. I got a little wire running from the distributor adjusting bolt to the timing cover too just in case
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