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  1. Thanks for the advice. I’ll be sure to check this all out this weekend. A shop did the wheel cylinders and drums since I’m not too familiar with those but I’ll definitely try adjusting things this weekend
  2. They’re all bled and it doesn’t seem to have any air. Ive never had it Illuminate the parking brake light before. Mostly does it on the first pump that builds the pressure
  3. I have recently started having an issue when braking that I depress hard the brake pedal the parking brake light comes on. It also takes a pump to build pressure in the system. Front pads are good read has new wheel cylinders and drums and shoes and the system has been flushed and bled. Started out of nowhere. Any idea what it could be?
  4. Time Left: 2 days and 4 hours

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    Looking for the wiper linkage for my 1971 Datsun 510 Sedan if anyone has it available


  5. Would anyone know where to track down the linkage for the windshield wipers for a ‘71 510 sedan?
  6. 510_dreamin

    Seat Belts

    How are the seatbelt plant 3 point belts?
  7. If I knew how to check the jet blocks I would. Any insight on how to?
  8. No brake booster. It’s a manual. I changed out the plugs and wires yesterday (hoping it was something simple) and it idled better...would stay on maybe 15 seconds before dying, but stays on as long as my right foot is the cold start. Once it gets up to temp it won’t rev past 3k rpm and dies without me giving it revs. Thankfully it’s not smoking or anything. Is there a guide anywhere of how I check the carbs or vacuum lines. I’m not too familiar with either but definitely open to learning
  9. My 510 had been running great recently until this week it developed an issue where when I start it it dies unless I keep the revs up. It went from idling then slowly dying and now it won’t idle at all unless I keep my foot on the gas. I changed out the fuel filter tonight as the old one was accumulating a good amount of gas in it, 3/4 or more full, whereas before, it was maybe 1/4 of the way full. Any ideas what it could be? Maybe a bad fuel pump? Currently running an L20 with dual Webers
  10. 510_dreamin

    T3 Heat Shield

    What are the dimensions on it? I have an unknown header and wonder if it would clear
  11. That’s the one I needed! Thanks so much
  12. So any suggestions on where a knob for the left side of the heater control (fan speed/dome light on and off) can be found?
  13. Can someone recommend a replacement heater knob (driver side of the control panel for the off-high settings) I can't seem to find one that would match. Thanks!
  14. I hadn’t considered Rotas but in 15x7 the OS mesh and the Grids are both nice options.
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