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  1. CBK Lucifer


    My heater core is blown. I haven’t been able to get heat since I bought it about 4 months ago
  2. CBK Lucifer


    No I’m alwasys ontop of my fluids. My radiator was full. Brand new radiator and the thermostat is about a month or two old
  3. CBK Lucifer


    It takes about 5 minutes to over heat. It normally runs about a 1/4 up the temp gauge
  4. CBK Lucifer


    I recently installed a Weber on my 620 and it ran fantastic. Drove about an hour afterwards with no issues. I went to go start it up for work the next morning and as soon as I took off the heat spiked just below overheating. I shut it off hoping it’d cool down and it continues to do it. Also, after I shut it off it chugs a ridiculous amount before everything actualy calms down. If anyone has any idea on what’s wrong with it please let me know. I have to get this running before the work week starts
  5. CBK Lucifer


    i Don’t know how to post pictures on this site. I’m using an iPhone if you know how
  6. CBK Lucifer


    Hey guys, been thinking about selling my 620. Was curious if you guys would be able to give me a rough estimate of what it’s work. It is a 1977 with an l20b motor and a 5 speed manual transmission. Brand new aftermarket radiator, water pump, distributor and thermostat. Body is a little rough with a little rust. Completely primered though. A little hole in the cab floor but that’s about it. Thank you for the help
  7. It wasn’t muffled before. It was straight piped and that snapped off about an inch or two below the flange
  8. CBK Lucifer

    Exhausted broke

    Hey everybody! I was gonna post some photos of my truck because I’m new to the community but I guess I’ll start it off with an event that just took place. My 77 620 is lowered and I’m used to having lowered vehicles so I’m used to being that guy who snails over speed bumps and dodges every pot hole. Well, this time I didn’t see it coming. I hit the hole, heard a crack and watched my exhaust role away. So I was curious if that is going to cause any trouble. I’ve been wanting my truck to back fire and let me tell you, she backfires and sounds like a motherfucker now but it’s loud as shit. If you guys have suggestions please let me know!
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