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  1. Blakely

    AC Condenser

    Does anyone know where I can find an aftermarket AC Condenser that will fit my 85 D720 2.4 L truck. I have searched online and have come up with nothing.
  2. Blakely


    I got some good bucket seats out of the junk yard that were in a Isuzu Rodeo, I believe it was a 1996, they fit directly in like they were made for my 720
  3. Blakely

    Air Conditioning

    In a couple of months I will be swapping out my old AC components for new ones. I have looked at Rockauto and they have what looks like some good kits on there. For the condenser part would getting a new one be better than keeping the old one. I’m not even sure if this part is even offered aftermarket and if it isn’t how is the best way to go about cleaning it out. As far as the compressor is it better new or is remanufactured ok. Also is there a website where I would be able to replace the High and Low lines. My truck has already been converted over from R12 to 134a but both lines look quite brittle, once again appreciate the advice.
  4. Appreciate all of the advice. I finally solved my issue, on the Weber card where the air screw is it wouldn’t stay in the factory position, so I changed the small gasket around it and it stayed in position. Changed the spark plugs, checked the distributor and hot dog it’s running like a champ.
  5. Blakely

    '85 4x4

    For the seats I was able to get two good bucket seats at the junk yard from an Isuzu Rodeo. I can’t exactly remember the year, I believe it was a 96 model but they bolted exactly straight in like the originals did.
  6. So my Weber carb is driving me nuts, I have played with it, adjusted it, yet it still sounds rough. After adjusting it and when it has warmed up it sounds better but still seems to not fully function like it should. I need some definite guidance on here as far as where I should start etc... Do I need to do a compression check first. I replaced the PCV valve, i smell a little gas so would that make it to rich. Appreciate any and all guidance.
  7. Blakely

    Replace Z24 engine.

    Couldn’t find him either, I will look up crytek
  8. Blakely

    Steering gear

    Awesome thanks datzenmike
  9. Blakely

    Steering gear

    Will steering gear from an 86 720 truck fit onto a 1985 720 truck.
  10. Does anyone have a diagram for the vacuum lines on a Weber carburetor model 32/36 dgev-ic
  11. Blakely

    Replace Z24 engine.

    Awesome appreciate it will check it out, thanks
  12. Blakely

    Replace Z24 engine.

    Hello, I have a 1985 Nissan d720 4wd king cab pickup. My z24 engine works fine but yet has had a couple of blown head gaskets in the past. I would like to in the future change the z24 engine for something with a little more power, and of course something that will line up with the transmission. What type engine would give me a little more power and line up with my transmission. Appreciate any help and advice.
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