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  1. My first point is that first generation Chrysler Concords the electric fans fight like a glove on the parts store aftermarket radiator and it's a 2 fan unit I'm trying to mount it up in my 85 4x4but the fan clutch is in the way and I was wondering if anyone knows how to remove it so I don't have to Dremel out the shroud
  2. I have an 84 4x4 and I going to be replacing the torsion bars and want to see if anyone has done it and has any pointers
  3. Mostly wood trailers and heavy tool boxes in the bed but in a few days I might be towing a 240 z I've towed a few times in the past not with my truck and definitely had 1000 pounds in my truck before but I am gonna be taking over the care of the family property and need to be able to pull at most 2 tons I have trailer brake controls and good brakes on my truck
  4. I live in Nevada the only law is obey street laws
  5. I've heard alot of mixed numbers about both payload and towing. Some say 700 pound payload and 1000 pound towing others say 1500 payload and 4000 towing. I installed a tow hitch on my 84 4x4 and was hoping to find out how much it can tow and move around as it's gonna my work truck for Abit
  6. 4x4 Demon

    locking diff

    I've found a LSD kit the H190 diff but it involves taking apart the spider gears to build it into a LSD https://www.tractionconcepts.com/1980-1986-Datsun-720-Truck-H190-Diff-Lsd-Kit-p/tcxda4621.htm
  7. 4x4 Demon

    locking diff

    im looking to put a locker in 84 4x4 with the stock axle i was wondering if anyone knows of a brand that makes them
  8. 4x4 Demon

    Valve springs

    From what I've seen on this page it seems everyone has come to the conclusion that better valve springs are a must have for the z24 if you want to boost it as I do to my truck but I am struggling really hard trying to find some if anyone in here has done this in the past and can link to the page where they found them that would be awesome
  9. I have a Weber 32/36 on my 720 with a Z24. Someone in the last 34 years installed it and they didn't do that great of a job with the choke. It has the manual choke and it moves freely the problem is the choke cable and how it was installed. It snakes from right next to the drivers side door through the dash and then just magically come out of the fire wall besides the valve cover. it is rusted and seized and far to short. i want to covert is to electric choke to make working it easier but I'm not sure if I can. Any help would be amazing
  10. 4x4 Demon

    Turbo 720

    It's been just under a year since I got my 1984 720 4x4. When I picked it up it had 500,000 thousand miles on it with a new engine and I drove it home with no heater 75 miles in a snow storm. I love this truck and I've done alot of work on it in this past year. My only problem with it is that I live a mile above sea level and all of the trails in my area take me to 7000 ft and some to 10000 ft. Carburators don't handle well on steep high altitude terrain like this. I have looked into turbo charging it but I'm not sure how much boost I should run or what method I should use to turbo charge it. Blow through is what thinking of doing and I'm wondering if anyone has attempted to modify a Weber 32/36 to blow through.
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