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    my 1974 dats

    Hey Charlie, Any chance you have that service manual saved? Or any of the other ones saved. Some time last month, that site went down. I was able to print a copy by fate alone, lol, but apparently didn't save it anywhere. I've been looking... Wayback machine never archived that pdf.
  2. What are you into? Tons of people seem to really be into the patina/beat up look. I'm interested in clean and straight, myself. Do you have a color you're partial to? I was jokingly responding to a spam ad for Coke sponsoring your vehicle and thought it would be really cool to make a patina'd Coke delivery truck. Just a nice faded Coca-Cola red with a faded logo on both doors... maybe a fake business name for the delivery company. Could even have someone paint a santa holding the coke bottle behind the datsun letters on the tailgate.
  3. I just googled some specs, and assuming what you're looking for has an l20b, the subie ej205 engine makes ~30 more hp and ~70 more ft-lbs of torque, so really it might even be better suited lol. I bought a used JDM longblock for only 800 with free shipping
  4. why not dump subaru drivetrain and suspension into it? something from mid-2000's will be all the time all wheel drive too instead of the newer electronic awd.
  5. ducky

    Dual Carb setup

    Thanks for the info! Do you know where to find these shorter manifolds? I've been searching, and it seems everyone, despite clearance issues, sell the longer 4.5" manifolds... It seems odd that would be the case.
  6. ducky

    Dual Carb setup

    I'm sorry! It's an L18
  7. ducky

    Dual Carb setup

    Hey guys, I've been browsing through the forums for a few days and somehow am either missing, or there isn't, a thread about a good dual carb setup... I'm saving for the replacement of my single, probably stock, carb. On eBay, I've found: Is this a fair price for a kit? Is this a good size? They say in the description that 45's are available. Should I go that route? Is it better to piecemeal a set together? I don't have a lot of questions, but I have enough to keep me from buying. Thanks for any help!
  8. ducky

    Gas/brake pedals

    i wear chucks and they work out well for me
  9. i just looked and didn't see a datsun 620, or a nissan 620... i had to use ebay. there was literally only one person offering repro stuff, and when i got the parts, all 4 panels had some form of damage, so i would almost recommend a private seller with oem stuff, and know youll need to fix it up anyways, since the repro stuff didn't even fit right
  10. quick update: got the truck running. swapped out a new distributor (because cheap), coil (poor spark), plugs (looked fouled), plug wires (why not?), cap, rotor, and battery cables (2,0 welding wire). I ddin't try to crank it after that, but asked a coworker to help spray starting fluid. Fired right up, and once it was running, it stays that way for the most part... Seems to run a high idle. Is that normal? Either way, I'm sure it's good enough to get it to the BMV in my name and to a collision shop. Side note/request: If anyone wants to swap a "datsun ohc" for my "nissa
  11. i had issues posting my own pictures, on my first thread, so i understand the pain of not knowing. Please tell me you're gonna keep, or get a new, star wars sun shade.
  12. thats pretty cool! my goals are to get it running lol. after that, I'll get the damage repaired then I'll save money for an awd electric conversion. bagged. slightly stretched tires. the good stuff. If it works out well, I'm planning to start a business doing full restorations/restomods/conversions/etc
  13. huehuehue. thats the pretty side... forgot to post the picture of the truck that started this *cough* obsession *cough*
  14. Hey guys. Just got into this scene after seeing a picture online of a lowered 620. I'm sure you've all seen it... BUT it is what started me into a journey to get my first Datsun. Bought the truck from a bloke in California. Hit pretty decently on the passenger side, he said it was a running and driving truck, but he was just going to start parting it out. I told him to STOP and I would buy it. I'm all the way in Ohio, so it was going to be costly to ship, but California rust beats Ohio rust any day of the week. $1150 for the truck, $1450 to ship, and $1150 for the parts
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