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  1. I think this is factory. I just took a valve cover in to be powder coated and noticed mine also had what appeared to be epoxy or something along the seams. You can't even see screws on mine, with how much orangey crap is on it.
  2. Nope. It's the same backspacing, or super close, as stock. I know that doesn't automatically mean they'll work, but it helps
  3. Man I would LOVE a short bed non king cab. That would be so tiny
  4. Were you able to bring any of this together yet? If so, I'd like to come on as a vendor to sell the 3D printed parts I have available now.
  5. ducky

    3d printing

    Hmm. PETG is is available in mostly the same colors as PLA. I've got the same Galaxy black coming from Prusa as in the PLA in the picture above. The sun visor bases. By the way, do you guys have stuff you've made? Care to share? I'll be posting the little grille tab bolt nut thingies once I get home.
  6. ducky

    LED headlights

    I ended up putting them in yesterday, Yes, one of the tabs is wider, but the headlights on the truck were the exact same way, so I didn't worry about it. They're held down, so I'm not too worried about it.
  7. ducky

    3d printing

    you mean like this? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4540909 I also use PETG for a lot of the things for the truck. It's more springy and layer adhesion is better than PLA. Plus, it holds strong about 50* longer than PLA.
  8. ducky

    3d printing

    Metal would take a much more expensive machine. Us home people can do exotic filaments, like ones with carbon fiber mixed in, but those start to eat the nozzle pretty fast. For me, this weekend, I did the door lock pulls, started working on making bumpers for the gas door, and tonight, did the little inserts for the grille mounting holes. I know there's more things, but I just gotta find them. The TPU material will work great for bumpers and gaskets and things that are hard to find. Only issue is having an original to copy. I do measuring and testing, but I know there's
  9. ducky

    LED headlights

    I just purchased the Hella H4 kits. Hopefully those line up... Haven't tried to put them in yet since I don't have the LEDs. Don't want to use the H4's, since they use more power than stock, and my wiring is already sketchy enough.
  10. I'm in Ohio. We don't care about the environment yet.
  11. I got the bend, yo. Everything points to a 1976. I need to contact the BMV to have them fix the title, I think...
  12. A long time ago, my dad restored a tank for one of our tractors by refinishing the outside, and then filling it with some liquid that you sloshed around in it, which would dry and seal it from the inside out Not sure what that's called though...
  13. Just checked mine. Couldn't read the entire number, but definitely see HL62010 which, is the beginning of the VIN on the fender. Were the splines on the trans the same for all years of the 620? Were there any other ones from other cars that would mount right in? I didn't see any model numbers, so I'm assuming I'd need to get it up on a lift to really find it.
  14. Mine are Toyo Proxes R888 in 225/50-15. Wheels are https://www.jegs.com/i/Wheel-Vintiques/939/12-5006042/10002/-1 I had to get them stretched onto the rims, since that's what I was after. I don't think many, or any corporate owned franchise places will stretch for you anymore.
  15. Did you guys ever get the wheels and tires?
  16. The fenders I bought from Greece off eBay had garbage for brackets inside, and the front apron piece wasn't even close. I would never suggest someone waste the money. Also, the door I got is actually smaller than the OEM... and way thinner metal
  17. ducky

    3d printing

    I'm on thingiverse with the sun visor bases. Still messing with small easy stuff. You're right, it takes hours and hours to get it right. https://www.thingiverse.com/ussducky/about
  18. Thanks guys! For some stupid reason I thought the clutch bolts to the trans, but now that I'm remembering, the clutch does go in the engine... I always find I make easy mistakes. As for the engine, it's an l20b. Just found that out last week. I had assumed the l18 was in it since the title says 1974. The door plate says 1/76 on the top number and 11/75 on the next one, so I assume that's a build date of November 75 and ship of January 76? I'll get mighty lucky if the truck is better in every way than originally thought. Also, never thought to look in the supplement, eve
  19. Hey guys. Starting to drive the truck more, but seriously need to fix... everything, before I kill myself in it. Need a clutch, but have no clue what trans is in my truck. It's a 5 speed. Truck is a 1976 even though the title says 1974, not that it matters, since Haynes says no 620 had a 5 speed. Apparently, imgur doesn't work here for thumbnails. http://imgur.com/a/uIvcjX1
  20. Time Left: 1 day and 23 hours

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    Hey guys. Looking for a hood that isn't nasty and damaged and rusted to oblivion. I'd love if it had the metal bar on the nose of it as well. Will pick up within a couple hundred miles, or ship. Not sure how much these are worth, so putting in $100. Got suckered into the $700 junk Greece one from eBay. Arrived damaged and fits like crap.


    lancaster, Ohio - US

  21. ducky

    Wiper arms

    thanks guys. I actually found a set in the junk box of parts from the truck... haven't found the nuts though for them.
  22. ducky

    Wiper arms

    I've read from other vehicles that using rhd arms is fine, but they won't wipe the same area. Like it'll leave more on your side instead of the passenger like normal. If that's the case, I may try getting a set of Bilzbo isn't able to help me out
  23. we can swap! i have an aluminum one my truck came with. I detest the look of aluminum radiators. wonder how much shipping would be though...
  24. ducky

    Wiper arms

    I did a quick search, but didn't see anything... What are you all using for wiper arms? My truck didn't come with them, and I'm only finding rhd versions. Can I use the rhd on my lhd truck?
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