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    Hi there,looking for a trans extension for a J series 4 speed trans.The one I have has broken seal cup,so can't install new rear seal.Previous owner tried to fix.If anyone local has a junk trans and wants to give it away or sell for cheap,please let me know.If you zoom in on pic you can see some numbers on it.


    Moreno Valley, California - US

  2. hi there newbie here,just picked up a 1967 Datsun 520 this weekend and im having some problem with trans,Previous owner took trans down to replace clutch and tried to replece rear output seal on trans,it seems he got the wrong one so he tried removing wich looks like a metal bushing and ruined the metal where seal seats.The trans is a NO16_29 4 speed.The rear tail of the trans seems like it can be replaced by removing a few bolts,but was woundering if there was a direct replacement trans from a newer car or truck that would fit the J 1300 cc motor.Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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