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  1. 720chris


    On the intake theres a "thing" that bolts up to the intake which has the fuel inlet to carb and then there's 2 seperate "metal "nipples" I guess you could say, that end by my electronic choke and just have no clue if they should be hooked up or not or if they can be deleted or what..
  2. 720chris


    For some reason it won't let me post a picture on here so I can clarify what I'm talking about and it's a 1980 Datsun 720 (l20b), Washington, everything's plugged off but fuel tank breather,vapor canister is out. dist. vac is the only thing hooked up. Is there a way for me to post the picture so I can clarify and not look stupid as I already do
  3. 720chris


    Got a question on i think some emissions that wasn't yanked when previous owner weber swapped it?
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