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  1. Finished it up earlier today around 4 PM. Truck runs pretty damn good other than the idle problem it always had. The rubber plug was stuck down in the engine and seems to not be an issue. I drove the truck to work on the highway and nothing went wrong yet haha... Glad to have the truck running again, need to get a set of gauges, running it blind right now. No oil pressure or water temp...
  2. The new gasket is installed. It appeared to be the wrong gasket because towards the rear of the block there are supposed to be two large holes for the coolant and this gasket only had one. I used a drill to make the hole so this is going to be interesting. Head fought with me to line up, I'm hoping there isnt too much contamination on the gasket but its torqued down so there's no going back now... Dropped one of the rubber valve cover half circle plugs down the front of the engine. Gonna put my camera down there to see where exactly it went. I'll try and push it into the oil pan if I cant get out back out through the front. Camshaft is scored pretty bad. This engine needs some love. But as of now it's almost 5 am. Gonna wait till the sun is out to jump back on it. Gotta clean up the exhaust manifold and get that back on. Gotta attach some hoses and cables and replace some hose clamps and it should be ready to try and run again. Wish me luck folks, please.
  3. Yeah I may have jumped the gun in a few things but it looked like the alternator bracket was attached to the head.
  4. Gaskets arrived, didnt open the box yet lol. Got the power steering pump out of the way and the alternator is almost off. Removing a lot of crap under the hood that the truck doesn't necessarily need. Rad hoses are off, still have a few vacuum lines and cables to disconnect them I suppose I can pop off the valve cover and release the torque on the head and get it ready to pop off.
  5. Sound advice for sure, I was looking at the intake side thinking it was gonna be a real pain. I'll just do it while its off
  6. Really? So ease up the cam sprocket first, then set tdc... I have to look at the manual but cylinder one is frontward towards the radiator? And I was thinking I would take the intake manifold off just because I have a new gasket coming, but if it makes the procedure go easier I'll install the new gaskets while the head is off.
  7. I'm hoping, but also very confident the head is still nice and flat. The truck didnt run any differently since this happened. I'll definitely clean it up good and feel it out with a gauge. The gasket should be here tomorrow but the tensioner wedge might not be here until Sunday unfortunately. It'll give me time to clean everything up nicely then. I slept all day today and have work in a few hours but right after work I'm gonna jump into tearing down the engine. I miss driving that thing lol. It needs a clutch soon...
  8. Yeah I'm guessing the gasket failed right by one of the outer water journals. The truck runs fine, oil and water didnt mix, but once it's running it trickles water right above the rear exhaust manifold section. With the coils disconnected you can crank the engine and see a little bead of water start to pool and drip. I retorqued the head and it didnt help the water leak, and now the valve cover leaks pretty good. I'd imagine the cover has never come off, I had to beat it pretty good with a rubber mallet to pop it. I want to lash the valves while I'm in there, but that will be last after the new gaskets are on.
  9. Gonna get some sleep and when I wake that Datsun is getting torn down! Gonna rip the exhaust and intake manifold off. Want to get head ready to come out so when those gaskets come in itll be ready to rock Gonna tinker with that damn window too...
  10. It seems like the roller isnt turning freely and getting stuck halfway up from the load on it. The window worked for a few days when I first got the truck lol. The felt sliders or guides fell apart on both sides so the windows jiggle and clunk around. Probably have to just rip both doors apart. Gonna order the gasket in a few, hope to have the truck running again by monday!
  11. It binds up in the lower track there, part number 08911-10637
  12. You rock dude that kinda makes a little sense. I found the service manual for an 82 720 but it's only like 110 pages dealing mainly in wiring, which is funny cause the truck has about 8 wires total in it lol
  13. Mike do you happen to have a schematic for the window tracks and etc? My passenger window seems to be binding halfway up the track and it would seem that the tracks are bone dry. I can get the window all the way down but halfway up it starts to twist. I'd like to take it apart and get it all freed up if I could. It's just rains into the truck, tonight it pouring out...
  14. Thanks Mike, yeah I realize I could just make something to wedge in there but I figure thisll be a sure thing that'll itll hold the tensioner, 40 bucks for everything why not. I miss driving the truck, I may order that stuff tomorrow night. Need to get the gas sipper back up and running considering one job is 15 miles from me one way, and another is delivering food with fuel at my expense. Anyone have a Weber for sale?
  15. Can in get confirmation on this gasket and wedge tool? Theres two available but this one seems to be right https://www.amazon.com/Fel-Pro-HS-9210-PT-3-Cylinder/dp/B000C2CH0W?keywords=1982+datsun+720+head+gasket&qid=1533788308 https://www.amazon.com/Alltrade-648831-Nissan-Timing-Holding/dp/B0002Q8TV4
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