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  1. Just curious as to why you wouldn't want bluetooth connectivity on your car?
  2. The m-unit did simplify the wiring. It has solid state relays for everything so there isn't really a need for a relay box (i added one for complete overkill). Motogadget makes m-units that aren't bluetooth as well, and you can wire up a key instead/as a backup in case something isn't working correctly with your phone.
  3. Picked up the below truck couple of months ago. When i got it, it ran sometimes but not always, had many electrical gremlins and starting fires was one of its pass times. Stopping was not one of its strong suits either so first thing i did was upgrade the brakes to discs but will not bore you with that since there are several how to's on how to install disc brakes. I also got this truck to be a project / passion project and wanted to make it unique, more then just the physical aesthetic. It was determined early on that rewiring the truck was in it's future but the extent was uncertain. After some time I thought that it would be fun to re-wire the whole truck making my own wiring diagrams. Shortly after a friend of mine pointed me in the direction of something called the m-unit blue https://motogadget.com/en/2017/03/01/the-new-m-unit-blue/ This unit is made for motor cycles but my friend talked me into saying that an old Datsun didn't have any more wiring then a motorcycle. After watching several videos I was down and started the rewiring of the truck. Once i completed the wiring i wanted the truck to be reliable and also not need a key to start. The M-unit also handles the turn signals, horn and many other items that i will not go into right now. So i started with taking out the old wires from the truck. Once the old wires were torn out i decided the best place to mount the fuse panel's and m-unit would be in the glove box. From there i made my wiring diagrams and went to town. Wiring diagrams I then created the main harness and have it routed through three spots in the truck, out each fender to the front of the truck and behind the heater box in the cab for the engine wiring. Sorry i don't have more pictures of the wiring within the truck. The truck is now a push button start and my cell phone acts as the key The wiring has been great and no longer have to worry about shorts or items grounding out. For anyone that is wanting to re-wire their Datsun i would highly recommend the m-unit blue. It was a painless process and the end result has been amazing. Please let me know if you have any questions about the wiring of the truck.
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