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  1. Okay cool just wondering which one would give best compression? The a14?
  2. Will it possible to use the a14 pistons on the a15 crank and condrods? Because my a15 has a deeper dish in and my a14 has a slightly dish
  3. Can always try to fit the a15 internals into the a14. See i would want to kbow if it will be possible or should i rather safe the money and time and get me a sr20 or 4age? Maybe 100kw was a bit optimistic ?
  4. i know its a lot ? , yeah i am thinking about going to ITB's later on tho. Will it help if i do a stroker kit and a overbore on same engine? .Would just like to know if it is possible n/a otherwise i will try some turbskies
  5. Hi Guys i am new here on this Forum from South Africa. I am building a Nissan Champ think it is called the b140. i am rebuilding my engine to reach an output of 100kw to the wheels. I am going N/A for this project. i do have a stoker kit for the A15 motor so i was thinking swapping the A15 crank and conrods and head over to the A14 block. I do have a 278 degree split cam( freaking nasty little cam) what else can i do to reach 100kw? still on its stock carburetor. I was also thinking about boring out to 77mm piston size
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