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  1. That’s what i thought regarding the rear. The front seats have the headrest and mine is a 72, so I know those will work. He keeps insisting that the rear will work though. Thanks
  2. Does anyone know if the wagon front and rear seats will fit in a 4dr? Thanks
  3. Roc1479

    L16 SU carbs?

    Thanks very much for the kind words everyone.
  4. Roc1479

    L16 SU carbs?

    Says he wants 150, is that good?
  5. Roc1479

    L16 SU carbs?

    Does anyone know about this setup? Can it work on a stock L16? What's it worth? If so, any advantage over the stock Hitachi? I know someone trying to get rid of it. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LNCSLsDIkLFRXzp68bPxDEb8pytOfA-z https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xpCcRyAEEd-YHrSEuSFdNaI9H32jZK65 Thanks
  6. Thanks for the response guys. From what I can see in the pic, it’s looks as though the exhaust manifold is square where it bolts up. He also said the tranny is auto. im assuming I’d have to track down a flywheel as well?
  7. Hi, I have a chance to purchase an L20b motor. It doesn’t have a carb or distributor. I currently have the stock L16 w/4 speed in my 72 510 sedan. i know I need the L16 oil pan, oil pickup tube and mounts. Would the L16 manifolds, distributor and carb work with the L20b? Im just looking for a bit more pep without going over board. Should I consider building it? If yes, any recommendations and part list? Should I consider it? Thanks
  8. Guys, New to all this, but came across someone selling an S14 top with S15 bottom SR20DET. Doesn't have any harnesses or ecu. He says it turns over, but doesn't know too much about it because he got it from someone else. Should I consider it for my 72 510 swap? Would it be very expensive to get the harnesses and ecu, mounts, crossmember? What are some things to look for? Thanks, Rocky
  9. I have the same type of scenario. I have a 72 4 door 510 and the seats needs to be redone. Besides that, I want to change the color to black. I haven't sourced anyone around my area yet for reupholstering, but i figure it will be expensive.
  10. Henry/Edekalil, Did you guys order plush, 80-20 or nylon? Thanks
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