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  1. ThatRandomeGuy


    Update.. Hit another deer lol. I need To find a new bumper and I think my next investment will be a light bar and some brighter headlights. I recently went to the junkyard I remembered seeing a 4wd 720 with a brush guard I would have loved to have XD, but unfortunately I think it was stolen. I found the fender I needed , in the stock tanish color with a pinstripe. I’ve asked him to sell me the whole truck but he refused to sell it to me .. extended cab automatic transmission with a color matched camper shell ?? I just need to find a good front bumper!! Preferably chrome. I got my tonneau cover shocks in place and I bought a c notch. I’m also prepared to put the gas tank in the bed,, but with a bed cover on would that creat any.. uhhh ventilation issues? This is a long update but I just got a new job and haven’t had much free time. I’ll post a few pics as soon as I can upload them
  2. ThatRandomeGuy


    Hmm. I see. Is it something that will cause damage to my ac system or is it something I can charge up now and just keep and eye out for a new ac line?
  3. ThatRandomeGuy


    I haven’t had any heat shrink but I did electric tape around the connections individually and wrapped around the hole wiring mess. I’m going to invest in some wire loom soon and see if I can find a better place to route it out of the way
  4. ThatRandomeGuy


    I suspected that after I replaced it last time. I had to have that hose made after I couldn’t find any locally. But haven’t charged the system yet since then. I was going to do so today with my uncles help who has the vacuum pump and Freon and I’m certain he has o rings, but anyways, thanks!! Oh shoot I just saw your edit. I hope the ac line in the junkyard wasn’t robbed with the engine and compressor. So you’re saying this hose will eventually fail and I’ll need to find a better ac line?
  5. ThatRandomeGuy


    I checked the wiring a while back and the axel had crunched my wires in two and I just butt connected them back together. I checked and cleaned all my connections before that and everything’s working good now
  6. ThatRandomeGuy


    Junkyard trip was good today. I went back to a junkyard I’ve only been to once before and from the road it looks like someone’s back yard. The last time I went all I snagged was a speedo cluster with a factory tach and odometer and a center console out of an automatic that I had to make work with my 5 speed.. but this time I saw that both of the king cab 720s had Power steering with all the accessories and air conditioning. There was a tan 720 with no motor or radiator but had the ac condensor to fit my year truck and had armrests on the doors. I grabbed those too and can’t seem to find the mounting holes if my base model would even have the screw holes. I can’t remember how it was positioned and didn’t take any pictures on the trip.. might get some next time cuz I definitely wanna go back to get a chrome bumper off one of the king cabs
  7. ThatRandomeGuy


    thanks Datsunscott! I just got this bed cover which will be spray painted blue with stars asap
  8. ThatRandomeGuy


    Those seats I pulled out of a late 90s neon 2 of the holes match up one in the front and one in the back, but I’ll be modifying the brackets to sit lower. I’m 6’3 slim and don’t hit my knees on the steering wheel but if my thighs were any bigger it may be a problem.
  9. The cover fits with about a half inch or so “wiggle” room front to back but the the front hinge piece needs the bracket welded so that could be the issue but is a solid Leonard cover. No pics bc as soon as I got home, I left Monday morning to come to the beach with the family. Looks good but I thought it would be blue from the look of the pictures to match the red and white on the truck LOL it’s a dark green color
  10. I will be driving up to North Carolina tomorrow to check it out and see if it fits for sure I should have taken measurements and asked for measurements beforehand but I wasn’t thinking and have been working all day. It’s a 2 and a half hour trip and will be kind of a bummer but my girlfriend wants to stop for a hike at issaqueena falls on the way home so it won’t be a total loss if it’s not the right fit.
  11. I found a fiberglass bed cover for a 95 a 96 hardbody and was wondering if the bed dimensions are the same as my 720?? Can someone help me out
  12. ThatRandomeGuy


    Indeed it is. If I remember correctly I broke it off on the passenger side and I never realized the harness was right there on the inside of the frame. Should I try to solder or use butt connectors to repair the harness?
  13. ThatRandomeGuy


    Ok I found the cause. Where the harness goes towards the front, right about the axel on the passenger side she harness got punched from bottoming out on the frame.
  14. ThatRandomeGuy


    Sorry about that mike sometimes I don’t read out loud What I’ve typed. With the headlights on all the front end lights work like they’re supposed to. Passenger side plate light doesn’t work but I think it’s just a blown bulb and both running/parking lights on the back are working from what i can tell. With the brake on the driver side bulb doesn’t work and with the emergency flashers on the driver side also doesn’t work. I’ve swapped bulbs out and around and that’s what got the running lights on the driver side working. I got the front end fixed as close as I could get it after that deer. I pulled the front end out with a slide hammer on the drivers side as much as I could and got the radiator sitting in the correct position but when I put the grille on the drivers side headlights are still sunk in about a half inch or so. But considering everything it looks OK. I’ll probably need a new hood since there isn’t much I can do for the wrinkle across the front. I’m still not happy with it but with all the hell ive put this old truck through it’s never going to be 100% right again, which is kind of disappointing. But ive learned a lot from working on this little truck and for that I’m thankful. I’ll probably post a few more pics of The damaged radiator(which by the way I couldn’t figure out how it was busted the way it was on the side facing the engine) and how sunken in the headlights are
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