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  1. haha I figured it out! Maggie Valley 2019, April 27
  2. okay so i went ahead and raised it back up.. couldn't find the time to get all the cutting done cuz it was having paint and body done and got the toe as straight as we could with a tape measure.. forget the measurements but i've still got to change 4 tires, check all my fluids, tighten everything down and maybe even tint the windows! https://imgur.com/x6S34p8 still cant figure out how to post pictures, i'm on the school computer 🀣, but this is how its turned out so far. not a show truck but i'm happy with it
  3. And I raised the torsion bars back up about ΒΌ to Β½ inch .. now it feels too high lol but doesn't bottom out as bad
  4. So I failed to mention that I went ahead and replaced my outer tie rods while I had the front end apart to put on my spindles (had them left over from when I hit the ditch and had to replace everything, alignment shop said I didn't need to replace) so I got them cut to length and went to install them and put a hole in the greaseboot on the driver's side tie rod. Should I put the old tie rod ends back on til I can get new ones? The truck is at my sister's house getting ready for paint right now so it will be sometime this week before I can get up under it again (spring break woo hoo!!)
  5. will the tie rods still thread into the adjuster piece if they are out of threads? sorry for all the questions, ive been working on this truck for over a year kinda sorta not really knowing what im doing but have had help from friends and family around me. i just now got it straightened out from when i hydroplaned into a ditch last year the day before i got out of school for summer. i replaced all the steering components after the steering box gave out on me one morning going to pick my girlfriend up for church.. needless to say i almost ended up in a ditch πŸ™ƒπŸ‘ but i made it to her house and had to get it trailered home. and sorry to hear about your loss charlie. i send you my greatest condolences πŸ™.
  6. I cut a ¼" off the outer tie rods but the drivers side is out of adjustment threads.. I was thinking It'd need to be easier to raise it back up some.. but I really like the height is sitting at right now. Not really sure what to do yet. Still need to change the valve cover, seeing as how mine has a hole in it. Good thing I've got a spare parts truck 😁
  7. im not sure if im doing this right, but this is the only picture ive taken since i put the spindles on https://imgur.com/3GdxqlP
  8. also thanks wayno and charlie for the suggestion! ill be able to run my 14's for a while cuz i still have a few spare 14inch tires to put back on the rims
  9. so i got the spindles on and before i even started i noticed the passenger toe was way out. i got rid of all the clearance issues (it was already dropped 2 inches w torsion bars) and now the alignments wayy off. no one around wants to do it for a good price cuz its so low and i dont have $110 to spend on an alignment right now ( again, i spent all my money on the spindles lol). ill see if it can be adjusted any more for now cuz the tires fight each other going up the road right now and its been raining alot lately and also i dont have the bed on right now cuz its in the process of getting painted.
  10. So I do need to use the washers for my '85 single cab regardless?
  11. My buddy recently put some drop spindles on his Dakota and he had to grind his lower arms , I wasn't sure if that was an option but didn't want to jump in and hack everything up. I'll probably try to test fit the spindles after school if it's not wet or raining here
  12. The kit came with thick washers to space out the hub but I wasn't sure if that would do the trick or not
  13. Just wondering if there's any kind of spacer I could run for the time being or anything of that sort
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