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  1. one time my dad put some 5+ old gas out of a boat into his truck. i got a call the next day asking why his truck wasnt starting. turns out the gas was so incredibly bad that it stuck almost every valve open. that was only 3 gallons out of the 20 the truck took so a little bit of old gas in the tank can mess everything up.
  2. hello have you put gas in it in the 2 years? if not gas can go bad and cause things to get clogged or sticky. if your carbs are running only when the choke is closed that is a red flag that the main jets/main fuel supply to the engine is clogged and need cleaning. rebuild your carbs if that is the case.
  3. Bastard_510

    Hot LZ23

    E brake is a must so I’ll find a way to use the stock 8.8 disks. . Yup that’s kinda the point. 1st 38MPH 2nd 66MPH 3rd 96MPH 4th 126MPH 5th 167MPH lol 70mph at 2,700rpm in 5th It’s for freeway/highway/ road trips it’s getting a 15~ pound flywheel and a clutch i haven’t looked into yet.
  4. Bastard_510

    Hot LZ23

    Watch the video you’ll see what it’s going into. I’m not going by an existing amount. I’ll chop as much as i need to fit 205’s and the same rims hopefully and make it look nice. Looking to keep a 3.54:1 ratio with an lsd. I’ve had a 8.8 in my back yard for over a year now. It’s an open 3.27 open with disks. i was snooping around your thread, how did your brakes feel with the s13 calipers?
  5. Bastard_510

    Hot LZ23

    a formal education in automotive and a strong passion for engineering(soon to be formal). but i will agree to disagree. it took me a while to understand it and its better to see it on a dissected engine then as text on a screen. im working on the seats right now on. after that its final cleaning, inspection, test fit, and assembly. the plan is to get it put in the first week of october. i still have to weld my 8.8 up and have some 4 link brackets and axels made to fit. im thinking of keeping the 4x114 pattern so it looks stock.
  6. Bastard_510

    Hot LZ23

    no. it tays the same at all RPM. please show me were i can change my intake closing event while the engine is running. at extreme low rpm the pulse from the piston traveling back up while the intake valve is open can be seen or heard on a cammed engine when the throttle is snapped open. yes/no. this is true but this pulse is not going to give you anything over your static and will not effect the effective compression. the key to effective compression is the degrees ABDC that the intake valve is closed. if you have a 8:1 SCR with a 280 dur cam youll have a 5.6:1 effective ratio ECR. the late timing may help start flow but it will bleed some of the air/fuel mixture back into the intake. 5.6:1 GARBAGE. since everyone wants a big cam you have to match it with compression so 12:1SCR with a 280 cam closing at 69 degrees ABDC gives a effective compression ration of 7.7:1 (perfect). if you look at a good cam grinder's catalog you will see they want to match compression with the cam they are selling. so really you are building an engine around your cam. Dont believe me? i have articles you can read. you will not get 100 VE with just a cam swap. its a lot of money and research to get 100 VE out of a NA engine. the only time you have 100% VE is when the engine is turning over or if its large enough the engine RPM is low and being stalled on a dyno. when porting a head you are chasing VE with the goal of having a better VE at a higher RPM (moving your torque curve) because the engine at 5K only has .005" to fill the cylinder. that makes it hard to move air in. with a good VE you will have to worry about bleeding off some of the pressure in the cylinder to keep cylinder pressure below the risk of detonation. thats where the late intake timing comes into play. too late IVC will bleed off too much pressure and make your engine a dog. Too early IVC and you will have to retard the cam or retard the ignition timing to keep cylinder pressure under control. this is why some people with a lz22 with a stock cam have 5* BTDC ignition timing. well i just explained 8:1 ECR. next time you have your spark plugs out take a compression tester with the schrader valve removed. put all put one spark plug in and start the engine. you'll see that at idle the compression is low 80-100psi. thats because that cylinder is only part full of air since the throttle is closed. open the throttle and the needle on the gauge will climb and stop. that will be the effective compression at peak VE. if you had a dyno and were able to stall the engine at idle with WOT you would see the same peak on the compression gauge or close to it,but that would kill the engine. the slower the RPM the more time air has to rush in. this is called cylinder pressure not effective compression.
  7. Bastard_510

    Hot LZ23

    That’s what I’m saying. You all get your panties in a bunch when someone says 12:1. You can run any STATIC compression you want but if you’re going to run pump gas your EFFECTIVE compression has to be 8 or lower. MATCH YOUR STATIC COMPRESSION TO YOUR CAM DURATION. If you take a stock L20 and put a 280duration cam you can advance your ignition stupid high because it’s not making the compression to detonate. Same with a lz22 stock build. I know of two people that blew theirs up from having the wrong cam. If you use a stock Cam on anything higher than 9:1 you gain cylinder pressure but you have to back the timing off.
  8. Bastard_510

    Hot LZ23

    I have a .04” (1mm) gasket before crush. I tend to like round numbers and the engine is dead at 12:1 shaving 15thou off the deck would be 12.7:1 i don’t feel comfortable taking that much off the deck with a repair and i wouldn’t gain anything from it. If anything i could take out the dish and have 13:1. 1/3MM=.013 i think...now I’m not completely sure on this one...that’s between .010-.015 thanks scooter
  9. Bastard_510

    Hot LZ23

    Yes after video i pulled out a depth mic and it’s 1.5 thou in the hole (deck clearance).
  10. Bastard_510

    Hot LZ23

    227.358mm 8.9511". no i had a crank sent and its .01" now.
  11. Bastard_510

    Hot LZ23

    the block is together.
  12. Bastard_510

    Hot LZ23

    If I’m soft to one i have to be soft to the others 😉 What i meant was I’ve sent out a few cranks to this shop and they came back fine every time.
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