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  1. Bastard_510

    Hot LZ23

    No one is using stock parts here so 4,000fpm can go out the door along with honing small ends of stock rods with a wheel cylinder hone. i got a lot done today. I’ll be able to put the valve train together. I’m still missing the modified tensioner. I made a cross member for the ka trans since it sits 3” farther back. I need to make a set of plugs for the head oil gallery and it will be ready to drop in.
  2. Bastard_510

    Hot LZ23

    the 48dco sp has 42’s stock. That’s what my displacement and rpm called for. 8k? What in the hell is your piston speed? mines just a standard disk *with potter’s cam 😉
  3. Bastard_510

    Hot LZ23

    Just like when i recommended those fittings to you...you’re a few days late. I have a 11.5 lbs flywheel with a act street clutch 275ftlbs rating. Steve is an interesting guy. Did you do any math on the ECR or just winging it? Are you reving higher to make up for the larger Chokes or are you choking the 50’s down? bring it Canuck :) The engine wasn’t put together with nitrous in mind so no. if i get enough done tomorrow I’ll be able to put the engine in this weekend and have the drive shaft by next Thursday.
  4. Bastard_510

    Hot LZ23

    I agreed as soon as i saw it. I’m not scared? 10:1 vs 12:1 i see a pretty big advantage. new problem: the tensioner is max out so I’m having a new slide arm made.
  5. Bastard_510

    Hot LZ23

    Troy saw my comment on a guys post asking about specs for his 290 duration cam. I told the guy 290 most likely mean duration and it would be ok to run on a 11.5-12:1 engine on pump gas as it was listed. A guy named Steven argued it was too small of a cam for pump gas. Troy got involved after i started my lz23 has a 284 duration cam and is 12:1. Troy said he wants to dyno both. So i agreed to the bet thinking it was going to be a friendly thing. He wants a show With a local car club at the dyno session watching. so it’s not a secret. I only changed my mind about it after the bragging and the “I’ve been doing datsuns for 20 years” statement. I corrected him on a comment he made and he went off. That’s how. It’s a rebello 2360
  6. Bastard_510

    Hot LZ23

    fixes: slotting the manifold holes so the ports line up right and cutting the tab between the carbs because it was too long. thank you crushed? I really dont care to be honest with you. troy challenged me. im about half troy's age. i did all the work for my engine (honing valve guides, porting, measuring, boring and honing cylinders, cutting out-installing-and cutting new valve seats, crack repair, decking....). what did troy do for his? so i think its fair to say my engine is really going against rebello. rebello is three...maybe even 4 times my age so ill respect it if i come up short in power. im only doing this to see how much power my engine makes...not to give someone an ego boost. you all are welcome to come and watch when its ready. ill blow mine up if i have to.
  7. I’ve driven with mine so long i forgot that bog off idle. Having a single helps if you don’t have one already. Mine came as a kit for a l20 from Pierce manifolds. You’ll have to kinda double tap the throttle to get your rpm up to like 1500 awhile letting the clutch out...how hard is it? I’ve completed forgotten that i do it 😂
  8. cut everything but the distributor adv. take the accelerator pump off the 32/36 the single nozzle. put it on the 38 and get rid of the twin jet. this will prevent a lot of driving problems from being too rich on acceleration. my l20 is just fine running a 38 i got 24mpg with a 4 speed. 22 now with a cam.if you have a problem setting up idle mixture get a jet kit and swap to a smaller idle jets. if you cant get to the back screw you can run it off 1 screw and close the other.
  9. Bastard_510

    Hot LZ23

    happy new year all. i have been challenged to a dyno day between troy emish's rebello 2360 10:1(from what i know) vs my lz23. i don't know what the point is since he didn't build his engine but whatever. so whoever wanted to see a dyno sheet you'll get it. i got the head on yesterday. the carbs have been mocked up and little problems have been fixed. i have to find shorter screws for the idler sprocket because the ones provided are too long. i didnt know there was a difference between the 6 cyl and 4cyl timing components so i had to modify the idler to fit a 4cyl. lash pads, clutch, light ka flywheel, harmonic dampener, water pump, and fuel fittings are being ordered soon.
  10. big ed diameter: 2.0869 width: 1.054 small end width: .827 if you call carrillo they already have the specs just tell them its for a l20b.
  11. Bastard_510

    Hot LZ23

    i doubt ill be flowing that much air to "blow out" spark. everything is smooth. the point was to blend the stone marks and the shit the serdi did.
  12. Bastard_510

    Hot LZ23

    i was cleaning up the seats and figured why not? only took about 2 hours.
  13. Bastard_510

    Hot LZ23

    the head is done and ready for final cleaning/assembly.
  14. A lot of people mess up the first couple of times doing a valve adjustment. I’ll tell you how my instructor told me. Run the car on the street and nail the throttle (do some pulls) you want to get as much heat in the engine as possible...not to the point of blowing up. Once you turn the engine off you have about 20 mins to finish adjusting before the engine cools enough to change the clearance. But it sounds like you did most of this. Double check your cam positions and try to be consistent when you check the base circle...meaning if the lobe is at 6 o’clock check all of them at the same position. Take me your time and if you need more heat pop the cover back on with the old gasket and get it hot again. It has never failed me.
  15. one time my dad put some 5+ old gas out of a boat into his truck. i got a call the next day asking why his truck wasnt starting. turns out the gas was so incredibly bad that it stuck almost every valve open. that was only 3 gallons out of the 20 the truck took so a little bit of old gas in the tank can mess everything up.
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