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  1. The "at 13,500rpm" is an instant attention getter....
  2. Unless it has changed, he's married to rock and roll singer Patty Smyth.
  3. It is a little different, and I have a shot of that from the driver's side I'll upload this evening. It does pass through the shroud, but I'm sure it made specifically for this application. It has a mechanical fan, and I'm about 99% sure this setup is specific to this car with a sbc... The area between the front grill and radiator of a '40 Ford is usually open. This has the stainless piece on top, and also on the bottom of the grill. This car came from Arizona (also "Hot as Balls") and has a/c so I imagine this helps quite a bit. I had two electronic fan controllers die on me in the wags, so I was happy to see the mechanical fan on this car. I drove it for about two hours here the other day taking care of DMV stuff, and it was stop and go constantly in high 90's temps, and it was hovering around 180-185 on the temp gauge. It may be a little overkill for SoCal, but I like it, and the a/c is very usable. (Shoots right at my balls, so it's heavenly)
  4. Ball Girl at Dodger Stadium in for the stop... Note to self: Watch out for Deers and Ball Girls...
  5. Out on bond for armed robbery, and he gets shot while he's holding up another store with a firearm. really?
  6. Just some various photos i took for the insurance company.. 350 small block Chevy. Hard to spot in the pic, but it has Ford logos on the valve covers. I thought that was kinda funny.. The car doesn't look it, but it's a fairly heavy car. It moves pretty well, so I'm thinking with the slight lumpy cam, aluminum heads, intake, carb, etc I'd say it's probably around 300hp or so. Just a guess, of course.. Dash is unmolested. There is an aftermarket gauge panel and matching clock in the glovebox, but the dash is uncut. It is a Deluxe Coupe (vs a standard Coupe) so it clock and radio were installed at the factory. It does have A/C, but it is a low profile unit mounted back from the dash a bit. It blows cold. Right onto my knees 🙂 The seat is a dark maroon done 60's pleated style. The door panels and kick panels are done 90's tweed style that doesn't match the seat. I'm not digging the tweed panels too much at all really. Too red, and hot rods in the 90's had the tweed stuff when that was all the rage. Didn't like it much then, like it less now. The seat and door panels appear lighter than they are due to my camera, but I still don't like the reddish tweed.. The rear area behind the seats has the tweed, too. I'm headed to the fabric store as soon as I get insurance to get some 1/8" foam and see if they have the matching maroon fabric for the seats. I can recover all the panels (except the door panels) myself easily enough. I'm going to have an upholsterer put some pleats in the door panels to match the seats. I would actually buy a walking foot sewing machine and learn how to do this myself, but it won't pay for itself. The same thing goes for a tig welder. I can tig weld pretty well, but I wouldn't use it enough to make the investment worth while.. I don't even really use my mig anymore as is..
  7. I remember I had the repro rubber for the cargo windows. and those moldings were quite the kit-kat to install as the repro rubber is larger than the stock ones. I think I may have even bent one getting it on there... Looks good Kelly. I know how long it takes to get a wags together....
  8. Now, these are coming out of the wookwork..
  9. From that rear shot, it looks very Anglia-ish to me. It's a cool looking little two door!
  10. Thanks Kelly. It's a bucket list car for me. I've always wanted something from this era and, and with old age, health problems, etc, etc. It was a "now or never" type of thing. I have it registered and have the new plates, and it's killing me not being able to drive it while waiting for insurance.
  11. Wow, I used Hagerty Insurance with my wagon, and the price was pretty good. Hagerty quoted me just shy of $600 per year for the amount I valued the '40 at. I wanted to get a couple of quotes, and AAA quoted me $213.00 a year on the '40 at the same value as I wanted with Hagerty. They move slower, and I won't get an approval until later next week, but I was pretty surprised at that rate. I was paying about $200 annually on the Sunny, and I think I had that car valued around $10k at the time. It does pay to shop around..
  12. That's a pretty cool looking car. The rear tail fins are rather unusual for a British vehicle, I think...
  13. Easy Big guy. Don't need the hood flying up.....
  14. The passenger side of the hood needs a bit of love. I'd check to see if the rubber cushion is possibly in wrong or interfering in some way.. It's sticking up quite a bit. If not, I can help you go completely medieval on it. We can show that bitch who's boss! Looks great, regardless...
  15. Time Left: 1 day and 21 hours

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    Looking for a matchbox dizzy. A friend of mine just picked up a 510, Wagon and needs a dizzy. Let me know if you have one that's available. Thanks! Duncan SoCal



  16. So far, the more I dig into it, the more I like the car. I knew it had some spare parts with it that were in the trunk, so I pulled those out, and there are probably $1k worth of parts in there. There's new bumper guards, new tail light lenses, 1 new door handle, new door striker plates, the old door latch mechanisms. (the new ones were already on the car) In addition to that, there a lot of assorted brackets and stuff I'm not quite sure what they are for, but the majority of it is from Bob Drake Ford parts. I got under the car to see if it had a oil filter with a p/n, and I noticed it has adjustable front coilovers. I found the adjustment wrenches in a plastic bag in the parts box. The instruction sheet was with them and sure enough, they were from QA1. That was a very nice surprise, and completely unexpected. The QA1 adjustables are about a $600 option with most IFS kits. I also noticed the motor has aluminum heads. I have no idea what they are, but I was not disappointed to say the least. Anyway, I have quite a bit of exploring to do. I have no idea where the fusebox is, but I haven't really looked under the dash yet 🙂 There's also a knob on the dash that I haven't got a clue what it does 🙂 In my defense, I didn't really have a lot of time with it today, and it was a parade of neighbors stopping by to check it out. They are all well-meaning, but I didn't get to play around with the car much.. And the biggest surprise: The freaking clock on the glove box door works!! I'll get some pics of some of this stuff here soon.
  17. Actually, a few of my neighbors are car guys, but can't indulge for one reason or another. Kids in college, p-whipped, etc, etc.. Believe it or not, there is an older couple that moved in a few years ago, and then a noticed a younger guy was there. Turns out their son plays in the band "Korn" and they weren't working during the pandemic. They travel so much, that he doesn't even have his own place. He's there so seldom that I just noticed him due to the pandemic..
  18. I think it's very close to videotaping a Dajiban drifting exhibition video... After all, is it not the "Dajiban" ????
  19. It's here, fucker.. Just unloaded, and the neighbors were gawking.
  20. Who doesn't want one of those? I really like the '68, and the pistol-grip 4-spd is the only thing that would make that better...
  21. When I owned those vans, I'd scare the crap out of passengers pulling up to cars in front of me that were stopped at red lights. Even scarier was trying to stop fast because the stock brakes were absolutely awful on a good day.
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