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  1. Thanks for all the replies so far, they're very helpful. Can anyone give some input in terms of converting the KA24E from hydraulic lifters to solid lifters?
  2. That's some very helpful information already, thanks for that. Just by chance, can you tell more about valves used as well as injectors, fuel pump and such?
  3. That sounds great! If that's the case, I believe the list I have written down together with porting should give me a satisfying result. The idea with the modified valve also is kinda genius. No idea if that's something "normal", but to me it is pretty amazing, as I've never heard about it. I've read / heard about the crankshaft being one of the main problems of the engine during my own research before. Would it be possible to simply send two crankshafts, one being a spare one to cut off weights to add onto the other one or are extra weights not a problem? Also, can you tell more about the Fluidampr? I've done some searching, however I only found them for the RB26/350Z engines? Could other harmonic balancers do the job? Only ones I found are made by Powerbond / Well Auto. Will link those. https://www.precisionintl.com/BrandSearch.aspx?Brand=Powerbond&Cat=54&Make=54&Model=&Engine=1323 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Well-Auto-HARMONIC-BALANCER-CRANK-PULLEY-KA24E-2-4L-for-98-04-FRONTIER-XTERRA-/321974802346
  4. That's some good information regarding the usage of a MAP sensor, thanks for that. As previously mentioned, I will likely get hold of some new VW ignition coils as linked so I can be sure of what I have. Holy crap, I did not expect to find somebody with experience like that here! I'm pretty amazed right now. 250HP definitely sounds like a nice goal. You say it is easily possible, can you elaborate more on what you seem to be needed for that? I planned to use Carillo Rods simply as an upgrade for the OEM ones. I'd be interested in custom length regarding the crankshaft, but that requires calculation about the space between pistons at valves with the R5 camshaft, which I have no idea how to calculate as of now. I definitely want to send a head and crankshaft to Rebello from what I'm hearing now, so that's on the list / planned now. Guess I'll have to contact them on pricing. Thanks in advance guys
  5. 1. As I said above, KA24DE engines are stupid hard to come by here. None are available to buy here anywhere online. I already have a spare KA24E engine sitting around waiting to be built up, so that's settled already. 2. The plan I had in mind with a friend of mine actually is to run it distributor less, using VW Wasted Spark Ignition coils: https://www.ebay.de/itm/381122067544?ul_noapp=true Mapping for the ECUMaster Emu (https://supr.com/gp-power-shop/steuergeraete-ecu/allgemein-emu-ecu-master-allgemein/emu-steuergeraete-allgemein/ecumaster-emu-gb-kit-1/) will then be done with a combination of Alpha N and MAP, as I can't run MAP exclusively because of the ITBs.
  6. Goal is to build a high comp all motor KA24E. Where did you get the valves from? I guess I'll have to opt for porting the head from what you're saying.
  7. Hello Ratsun people, first time poster here. I do actually not own a Datsun, please don't kill me. The thing is, whenever I was reading up on N/A KA's, at some point I landed here, so I thought it'd be the best place to talk engine. The 'project' the engine is in / will be build for is a 1989 240SX. As I am in Germany, KA engines are scarce, especially 240 ones, which is why I will stick with the SOHC one instead of a DOHC engine. I was inspired by videos such as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzqJXqzKexA as well as various threads about the old race car 240's etc. My plan is the following: Rework the block, also get it to 89.5mm (Sorry, I am missing a couple specific terms in engine work stuff) Heave the crankshaft alone as well as together with clutch, pressure plate and flywheel Carillo Pro-H Beam Connecting Rods Arias Sport Compact Dome Pistons (10.8:1) Nismo R5 Camshaft (Regrind) Custom Titanium valve springs 4-2-1 Header with 2.5" catback Suzuki GSXR 750 Individual Throttle Bodies ECUMaster Emu ECU Lightweight Flywheel Injectors and Valves: I really need help here. So, as stated, I do need help in regards of injectors and valves. Also, I would love any criticism, tips etc. regarding the setup listed above. Things you'd change up, all that stuff. Note: I am not yet sure if the pistons work with the R5 camshaft, since it has a pretty large valve lift. Maybe if someone can help out there with calculations too..? Thanks in advance.
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